Not sure why so many are complaining about going for 2pt

Thats just standard football. When the difference is 5 you go for 2. 1 point just makes the difference of 4 so you still need a TD to change anything. If you are successful then a FG can come into play. No real difference between being 5 down or 4 down at that point, but it could be huge to be 3 down.

Going for 2 was the right call no matter what time of the game.


Exactly! The chart coaches carry tells them when to go for 2. Wasn’t a rash thought or desperation, just didn’t execute it.

Probably the right call, but we now know that the we’re not a good 2 pt conversion team or no that matter were also not a good 4th down conversion team….coach needs to reconsider his approach in these situations.

Pro coaches will say you don’t go for two that early in the game. If you kick the xp to keep it at 4 and the other team kicks a field goal, then you’re only down by 7. When you don’t make the 2 pt play, you can end up chasing that extra point the rest of the game.


I totally agree with you. I thought it was too early at the time but as it turned out it made no difference, but it is something I hope they consider for the future. I thought there were several questionable decisions from both the players and the coaches. We just had a really bad game which is I’m sure disappointing to all of us. The team needs these next two weeks in the worst way.

I didn’t realize some were complaining about that decision. You’re absolutely correct. No much difference between 5 & 4 points. Huge if we cut it to 3

I don’t like going for two with 15 minutes left. But, I am not putting up much of a protest. Not a big deal either way as it turned out. It’s kind of like watching KJ when he’s got a chance to throw or run after leaving the pocket. I thought he could have made some yards by running. But there is also the thought that you’d rather not have your QB take a ton of hits. I can argue either side, especially if the pass is incomplete.

I didn’t like it either, but ultimately did not impact the result.

The decisions regarding to attempt or not attempt a field goal were more puzzling to me. Sitting next to my brother at the game, I told didn’t like the 53 yard field goal try - didn’t like giving them a short field with the way they were playing on offense at the time.

Oh well…… over now and time to begin three weeks of MSU prep.

The FG kickers were kicking so poorly in pre-game I was surprised by a 50+ yard attempt but not surprised by the result

Yeah. I don’t like second guessing coaches, but I thought that FG decision was a bad one for the reason you mentioned. Had we been 5-10 yards closer, I could have understood it better.

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