Not sure why not play zone 80%

For this team at least our zone defense seems so much more effective than our man. We just did not have enough quickness to guard quick guards heads up

You can play any defense you want to! When you are horrible on offense and your offense leads to layups. Look at fast break points in the first half. Consider the one steal that Beard had and they ran him down from behind. He played with no edge tonight. He was not the only one. We did not hit shots. We neede to score between 35 and 40 in that first half. Florida tried to give the hogs enough turnovers to keep in close midway through the first half but your shooters need to get the ball to score. We just simply lost that game in the first half with flat play on offense. Forget it. I hope we play them in the SEC tournament. The refs took what mo jo we had with that call on Mosses. We never did overcome the poor start.
They shoot above 50% in the first half only because of the easy fast break points. Florida did not light the world on fire we played poorly.

And Beard got passed on a fast break and no contest layup when he was ahead of the Gator who had the ball.

Florida made 10 threes as it was. Playing zone would have left us even more vulnerable to the long ball. But when you only shoot 35% on the road against a very good/nationally ranked team, you’re not going to win no matter what kind of defense you play. Conversely, if we shoot 47%, meaning make seven more twos, we win. Even with that bad defense.

wide open 3’s also occurred often in man to man from double teaming the ball on the perimeter & on penetration. Maybe in future years we’ll have more athletic guards we can teach to stay in front of their man like Florida’s guards did.

Theoretically Zone is terrible against a good shooting team, but our MAN defense is soooo bad that our ZONE is more effective. ZONE would have been worth trying quickly to disrupt the gators, and it was proven that we played better when we DID switch. The gators got on an emotional high on SENIOR day because of all the easy shots. Good lord they were shooting 75% against our man defense which is infamous against good guards…much less great guards like Hill, Chiozza and Allen. I have no idea why you wait until we are down 16 before we switched to a zone… I thought that after a minute or two he would switch up defenses to throw off the gator guards…but NOPE not at all.

We are comfortable in the zone and our Bigs play much better in the ZONE. I swear I saw the same frustrated faces on our team that were there before we switched to more zone a few weeks ago. It was like, “here we go again, he’s making us play this man defense that kills us. We can’t switch and rotate like we should so there is always someone open to kill us”. I saw frustration in Dusty and Trey’s faces which said a lot. Moses looked like he was pissed from the start and terribly frustrated.

Please don’t say we aren’t good playing Man to Man defense. You’ll be admonished.

Well our Man defense is only good against weak guards. How about that? hahahaha

Our zone has turned this team around but then you stop doing the Hokey Pokey?