Not sure what to say .....

-that was like playing Bama again; lsu’s best game of year
-real important for program to win the next two
-what I’d give to have coach o as our dc
-sec west and our ad wants to schedule tcus and michigans?
-don’t remember this many beat downs
-our run d is pathetic
-did Richardson and greenlaw losses really hurt that bad?
-Reed could have had 10 catches last night. ???
-we had our once in a lifetime coach until the ditch

Agree with above. LSU looked like the preseason number 5 ranking they had. Even last week versus Bama they did too, especially on defense. SEC west is basically the NFL minor league division. I think the grind of it is catching up with some of the Hogs 1st year full time starters. 3 of last 6 games the Hogs looked a step slower than their opponent. Generally team with the best players and more speed wins . Even though the Hogs can win 9 games this season which is certainly progress. I don’t see the same game to game improvement that I’ve seen the past 2 seasons. I think it’s a combination of some coaching and 1st season full time starters. Especially O-line & running back blocking . Defense isn’t as bad as it looks. D.C. is definitely part of the issue, as is over estimated talent level. Effort is their but without talent they are not good enough to overcome mistakes.

There seems to be a bigger gap between the have and have nots

Sec west is a war…all the hype and even the great teams have multiple losses…we are not alone

We have to steal from out of state EVERY year to have the talent for starters, and can develop in-state kids with consistent RS program. The SEC West is beyond crazy in regards to talent, willingness to blur lines of ethics and resources. Under Saban, the SEC has been over whelmed by Bama and multiple schools have fired coaches in thoughts they may be able to beat Bama with a different coach. Nada. I am not a fan of the SEC and its culture, influence by Bama and a few others, and the fact that a 4-4 record in the SEC West is not given credence over a 4-4 Big12, AAC, etc

I am not sure I like to admit it, but we don’t have the population or demographics to give us a baseline of in-state recruits to build upon. The implosion of the LR and PB area schools is the most damaging to our in-state talent.

I agree that we were destroyed and embarrassed by LSU last night and they looked like the vastly superior team in terms of talent and performance.

What I don’t understand is why that isn’t what people say whenever we beat them down in exactly the same fashion the last 2 years.

Why is it that when teams do that to us we are inferior and have no business being on the field with them but when we do the exact same thing to them 2 years in a row not one thing is said about there being a talent gap or coaching gap or execution gap.

It seems like a glaring, consistent, unexplained double standard.

Can you explain that phenomenon?

I’m not sure but believe the LSU program has basically averaged 10 wins for a decade.

Not sure what we averaged, but less.

Have we beaten them? Sure.

But they have a more consistent top program than we do - even when they are down and fire a coach unfortunately.

I would love to have what they have - much mor consistent top nationally respected and relevant program.

Those things are obvious.

And I am not saying our program is on par with them in terms of success.

Of course I’m not saying that.

What I am saying is that every time we lose to them, people act like we have no business being on the field with them.

Just as you did, posters minimize our level of success against them (“Sure we have beaten them”) when the #s show that over a generation we have played them close to a draw.

But, people act like we are totally outclassed against them (head to head ON THE FIELD) and that just isn’t true at all.

Can you explain why, when we whip them (a shutout and then a pantsing in BR) it’s almost as if our fans are apologietic, but then when they drill us the next year people revert back to suggesting they dominate us.

When our passing game is kaput, our whole team doesn’t work.

I know what to say! Offense never got the chains moving and Austin Allen was inaccurate! Our defense was on the field too long and they were wore out! That’s what our offense looked liked against La Tech early in the year. Defense. What defense. Time for soul searching by staff. Same players as last year and they have been horrible against the run. Sometimes the mirror is where you need to look. I hope LSU let Coach O go and we get him. We need a motivator as a coach on defense.
Win or loose I’m a hog fan. 8 and 4 is respectable. There is still hope. WPS!!!