Not sure what people were expecting

I’m not sure what people were really expecting from the BB team this year. This is supposedly the youngest team in D1 basketball ( that’s what the announcers said in one of the games) that had an average recruiting class last year. MS St., Auburn, Tn, and Ole Ms. are all playing with mostly upperclassmen. I admit I get a little overly optimistic after we lost to Tx. in OT and beat Indiana. Now, they’re playing like I thought they would.

Maybe it’s time for AA to go. But not for the four-game losing streak or this year’s record. It’s for poor recruiting not bringing in some JC players for this year or the mediocrity of the past several years. His track record is pretty consistent. He wins about 65% everywhere he has coached.
G . W . L . %
UAB \t\t 130\t 89\t 41\t.685\t \t\t\t\t\t

PS - I had never seen these numbers before. Ouch! They speak for themselves. You can’t expect much more from him.

Voice of reason

While we can certainly debate the future of MA, I think AA (Alcohol Anonymous) should be kept around. There are still a lot of people out fighting the battle of the bottle. :sunglasses:

I think he deserves another year but we should be in the tournament . You have enough talent on this team to do so but we chronically:

Settle for 3s
Don’t guard the 3
Dont cutoff the point guard
Dont shoot FT well
Struggle to get Dan the ball

That’s what frustrating to see these issues most every year

A few more years of MA and there may be a lot more AA’s out there.

We are a young team, with only one upperclassman, Bailey, on scholarship. But, we have been starting only one Freshman (who happens to be able to shoot), except when Chaney starts instead of Bailey. The subs are mostly Freshmen, with Gabe being the notable exception. Inexperience in D1 play, inexperience as a team playing together, and lack of skills are hurting the Hogs. It’s the lack of skills that is most troubling as all of our players should be able to handle the ball, pass, rebound, and shoot. And, I believe this is the most athletic team overall that we have had in a long time. They’ve been doing this most of their lives! To see them unable to execute basic basketball bothers me.

Maybe this was a Freudian slip. I should be in the one in AA. These games will make you drink! My point is to forget about how they should be playing or the skills they have or how MA recruits. MA will win approximately 65% of his games. Some years maybe a little better and some worse. In all his track record says that’s about what you can expect. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in school. What I do remember is that is below the average mark and it ranks him 151st among college coaches. I wasn’t on the fire MA bandwagon until I saw these stats and I don’t think you fire him mid-season. But, unless you’re OK with 65%, it may be time to make a change

What’s frustrating is people that don’t get their facts right.

Settle for 3’s - MA’s teams are historically in the bottom the SEC in attempted 3’s.
Guarding the 3 - MA’s teams historically suck at guarding the 3 in the beginning of the season and then improve. He’s better in the SEC at guarding the 3 than most other teams (even though you don’t like what you see, it’s worse, elsewhere)
Don’t cutoff the PG - We struggle with a handful of PG’s every year. That will never change. You don’t remember all the one’s we did cut off.
Don’t shoot the FT well - be ready to be mind blown:
2011 - 8th
2012 - 10th
2013 - 2nd
2014 - 3rd
2015 - 7th
2016 - 2nd
2017 - 12
2018 - last
So 4/7 seasons he’s been in the top half, heck 3/7 he’s been in the top 3. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! Yes we suck this year - half way man. Relax
Struggle to get dan the ball - obviously not talking historically with this one - but about half of our turnovers against OM was getting Dan the ball.

Is he STILL starting at QB? Someone shoulda told Kelley.

Are your numbers Sec or nationally? WPS