Not sure if you guys are aware but Deanthony Curtis

Was burned pretty bad in an accident two weeks ago. He’s at Children’s hospital in Little Rock. A few days ago the pain caused his blood pressure to go up and he had a heart attack.

His wife is my oldest son’s best friend and we have known her since she was in grade school. They have 2 little girls and they love their daddy.

I’m going to leave the link to the go fund me page in any of you would like to help out.'ANTHONY%20CURTIS

We posted this story to the front page on Sunday:

That’s just awful. Will keep Deanthony in my prayers. Burn injuries are the worst. So terribly sorry to hear this.

My bad Scottie

No worries. Just wanted to point anyone who hadn’t seen the story in that direction.

I think I read it was a propane or gas grill incident. Those can be dangerous and need to be in good working order. I’d remind everyone to be safe with propane as the summer approaches. It must be respected. And I definitely hope De’Anthony recovers fully and quickly.

Jim Youngblood told me a Gatorade cooler was next to a fire pit and it caught on fire and exploded. The plastic melted on him.

Dee is a special guy. What you hear about him is true. Always smiling. Great attitude.

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Thanks Richard. If true, that’s crazy and almost inconceivable how it could happen. I’d be surprised a Gatorade cooler (with the lids I’ve seen on them) could build up enough pressure to “explode” but perhaps so. And that the explosion would cause molten plastic to become airborne. Crazy and tragic.

Obviously more to it all but that was the cliff notes.

Sad to hear that.
Prayers for De’Anthony and Family.

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Thank you for posting the link to the go fund me page.I contributed yesterday and I hope others on this site do as well. Come on Hog nation, let’s support Deanthony and his family. Its going to be a long journey for them.

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Thank you so much!