Not sure if this is good news or not

But just discovered that my hotel in New Bern, NC, has SEC Network so I can watch the basketball game tonight. Hopefully this one is more watchable than Saturday night was.

So far it hasn’t been. Turnovers galore.

Hogs on a run. Up 35-26 with just over a minute in the half.

J. Robinson hot from 3.

Muss has something in Jaxson Robinson. Really nice looking player. Long, quick, and can shoot. Trey Wade needs more minutes going forward. Johnson/Wade combo at the 4/5 is working well tonite.


Goodness, we’re playing Vasser.

I wondered for a few minutes but the run took care of things. I had the WFT-Eagles game up on my computer while the Hogs were on the big screen.

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