Not sure if anyone caught this yesterday

Kid by the name of Hercy Miller played yesterday for Louisville. I know most on here hate hip hop/rap music but he is the son of the famous 90’s rapper Master P.

Master P’s real name is Percy…Percy and Hercy…gotta love it.


I didn’t catch that but I do remember reading that Master P’s kid was playing college hoops somewhere.

Snoop Dawg’s kid signed with UCLA as a wide receiver but I don’t think he ever played. Seems like there have been other offspring of rappers who were athletes.

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Yea Snoop’s son quit pretty quick.

I can’t remember if Hercy did much yesterday. He transferred there from Tn State.

I found something that UCLA announced he had left the team to pursue other passions. Which appears to be as a film producer. One of those things you can do if Daddy has a ton of money (and getting more all the time from Corona).


He is a guru in cryptocurrency. Made his daddy and Dre a lot of change

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I believe there is a Mercy Miller in the family as well. Master P’s oldest son, Romeo, played at USC some years back. His nephew, Kevin Miller, is one of my buddies that I got to know through the store. He actually used my tickets for the LSU game.

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Interesting. When he quit the Bruins he tried his hand at film producing, but certainly he could have dived into crypto. Hope he’s getting the hell out now.

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What kind of store do you have Ward?

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I’ve got a men’s clothing store in Conway. Bell and Sward.

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Saw that.