Not sure I’d read it anyway, but

it annoys me that the editor of the only statewide paper has a front page column & never writes about Razorback baseball even when its in the midst of playing well in the NCAA tourney & even going to the CWS. It shows a complete lack of respect.

I know his excuse is that he’s not a baseball fan, but he’s sure willing to write about softball—essentially the same game—and crap like his vacations & people in the state hall of fame no one has ever heard of.

The overall coverage in the paper isn’t bad, but the sports editor needs to give up the prime space to someone else.

I prefer him to stay as far away from the UA Baseball program as possible.

Now that you mention it, I think you have a point

Wallie mentally retired a long time ago and he is just coasting into the sunset. He has a bizarre fetish about horse racing and the local softball tournament that named itself after him. Doesn’t care about much else. He is forced to write about the Razorbacks occasionally so he usually finds snide ways to stick it to them whenever he can. He also hates Bobby Knight because he made his Momma cry once when trying to help his buddy, Wimp Sanderson the UALR coach, who Wallie was attacking regularly in the paper at the time. Wallie is like the streakers from long ago. You just need to ignore him and he will eventually give up and go away. JMVVVVHO.

He is just going through the motions. If he wrote something about the baseball team it have been something negative.


I expect a negative story on the baseball team any day now.

Yeah, I too do not think the Wally has earned the right to expound on Hog baseball. Also, it seems like he uses any excuse to hammer Malzahn as using Arkansas to increase his salary at Auburn. Yep, even in a supposed piece about baseball. I followed the Malzahn/Auburn/salary increase story very closely. The Wally already has him tried and convicted. What I thought happened was that Malzahn realized that his best chance at a NC was at Auburn. He was facing some disgruntled fans and administration. If he has gotten the signal that they really wanted him gone, he would have come to Arkansas. He instead received the signal that the powers in Auburn wanted him to stay. That’s what I think really happened. Wally is just a simple minded dork.

Well yeah.

Who will replace him when he is finally put out to pasture? Hopefully not one of his understudies taught by him.