Not sure how we actually won that

But I love it

Actually we pitched awesome, and OSU gagged

Very fortunate! We cannot have that kind of offensive performance tomorrow night and win I don’t think.

If Murphy can do his thing, it will all be over. I think the bats wake up tomorrow. They smell blood.

Murphy will definitely have to have his A game…just hope the bats show up

Big hitters not performing. Pitching and defense is winning it for us?

Great defense was a big part of this win. Now, hit as well, tomorrow, and we’ll be National Champs…

It was an incredible pitching effort, but defense was good, too, despite that “lost in the sun” double on HK. He more than made up for that understandable mistake with the incredible throw at at 2nd.

OSU made some key mistakes even if they only showed up as 1 error. Of course that one error was big—part of thet 4 run 5th inning.

I can’t help but believe our batters will be better tomorrow. I have no idea what OSU has left as pitchers. Surely not as good as we saw tonight. Unfortunately, tomorrow is the extra day of rest that rainout really helped them out on.

We took swings on the slider in the dirt! The strike zone was extremely wide both ways and that helped both teams.
The hogs got the all the breaks tonight.
If the bats wake up tomorrow this should be over. Murphy needs to be spot on tomorrow.
Our bull pen with Loeske and Cronnin tonight was lights out.

Both our relief pitchers threw very few pitches, thanks to Knights outstanding performance. We won’t have to worry about seeing Chamberlain again either.
Yes it’s wake up time for the bats next game.

and there was one more component.

Once again, the Hogs scored more runs in just one big inning that our opponents scored the entire game. (It’s gotta be in the neighborhood of 25 times this season.)

Timely hitting, walks, plunks, and errors all seem to contribute to those big innings, just as they did tonight.

One more of those tomorrow, and that trophy is ours! :sunglasses:

Our first four batters were 1 for 20???

Long layoff and good pitching did shut us down to a certain degree. Now our timing will be back in game two and might as well put them out of their misery…

I like the way you think, Hogsrus!

One word- “DESTINY”