Not sure how, but Arkansas beats MS State

No way State defense or talent is as good as Georgia. No where near the talent.

Got a feeling we get a rush game going and can control some clock.

And Odom won’t let their qb just sit back all night and take time passing.

I also think our coaches are the kind that more than improve a team from week 1 to 2.

Hogs win.


We’ll definitely see where we are offensively better now. Other than maybe Bama, we won’t see a defense like Georgia again this season.

Defensively, I’m intrigued to see what Odom does if MSU is going to throw the ball 60 times. MSU didn’t run the ball particularly well, but that was also due to the QB getting sacked a few times.

I think we get smoked. We can’t defend the pass and a haven’t had a pass rush in years. We don’t match up well against the pass. I just hope we can make those bell-ringing bas##$%& punt a few times.


This will be a challenging game… MSU defense is not as good as Georgia but they are no pushover, LSU ran for 80 yards against them on 38 carries for a little over 2 yards of carry. We will have to come up with a much better passing plan this week to move the ball to keep their offense on the sidelines. They will have them stupid cow bells ringing so our concentration will have to be on point.I think we have a chance but we absolutely must get off to a great start we can’t fall behind 21-0 in the first quarter and expect to win.

We haven’t been close to them the past two years. They beat us both times like a red headed stepchild. We have a long way to close that gap

Agree – they have simply manhandled us up front the past two years, and after seeing what their D line did to the LSU run game we could be in for a very long day.

They say the biggest improvements occur between week one and two. We’re going to need that, especially along the O line and with our offense in general. We must have sustained drives to help limit the number of State possessions. Clearly, our defense will have its hands full.

Hope all of the nickel backs are available. Will need as much speed as possible back there.

I think they give us a nice dose of reality, unfortunately.
This is going to be a long year

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there is more than one result from slinging the ball over over the ball field, and the one I am referring to is ints, if we can have a ball control offense. big if, and get some ints which I do not think is a big if when the opponent puts it in the air 60 time a game. we can stay in it like we did last week, it wont be that remarkable to come out on the right side.

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We MUST have a good pass rush. Otherwise, it will be a long, embarrassing day. I think our offense will do better than against GA and we’ll score more, but pass rush is the key to any chance of victory. WPS…

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Little depth on defense will kill us again later in the game… hopefully their new SEC passing record won’t be improved on.

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They beat LSU in Baton Rouge. Would be a huge upset if we beat them at Starkville. Don’t see it happening and we may get beat by 20 or more points…I picked them to win by 11.

Hope you are correct, but think we have a better chance of beating Auburn based on what I saw out of Auburn on Saturday.

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With near empty stadiums this season, is there home field advantage? Hopefully the fewer obnoxious cowbells in Starkville will be somewhat muted unless piped in thru their stadium sound system.

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I’ve watched the end of last years Egg Bowl several times. It gives me pleasure to see the Rebel Black Bears lose on stupidity. One thing was clear…the State fans did not stop the cowbells (as the SEC has mandated) when Ole Miss was at the LOS. I believe it’s a warning then 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty but not sure.

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I doubt we can stay with them offensively. Apparently they hit the jackpot with the Stanford transfer. I guess we will find out in the next couple of weeks if Franks is the man or the more mobile Jefferson takes over.

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I don’t think it will even be close. MSU has a more adequate defense to stop us. Georgia exposed our weakness to the pass in the second half when they settled on the right QB. Long season.

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While I think it will be an entertaining contest to watch, I have MSU winning comfortably.

I watched the highlights of the LSU Mississippi State game and boy Mississippi State runs a beautiful passing game.they were running crossing routes at the same time had a guy flying up the sidelines the defense had to be absolutely perfect or one of those guys was going to be wide open… we will have our hands full.

The teams that have slowed this type of offense now have rushed 3 and dropped eight we will have to give up some yards on the ground to stop that passing game if not they will eat us alive if that boy throws the ball the way he did the other day, which is no guarantee, he may have had a career day… we will find out Saturday.

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