Not sure, but

It sure seems we are recruiting at a different level than at any other time I can remember. We need to sign them, of course, but I have never seen anything like this. We are on so many top level prospects. It’s different, that’s for sure.

The University of Arkansas is one of the best places in my opinion. Past coaches didn’t feel we could land top talent. Morris has said if we get them on campus it sells itself. Also, this staff is willing to offer prospects early which matters to recruits.

Morris’s efforts are the best her in my memory but BB signed some kids with great offers. I am impressed with the 2 commitments this weekend. Excited to see if we can add similar kids to the list & hold onto the current commits

I was so happy about CM’s Texas connections and knew this would be the best relationship network we have ever had in Texas HS. He has proven that he indeed is getting much higher level Texas kids to visit but he has blown me away with his staff’s reach into so many other states.

I have already said many times that I pay more attention to the offer list than anything else (wish there was a way to know if those are real offers). I sure see a whole lot of other SEC teams on those list. That is what you have to have.

Sure, there are some with “lesser” offers, and we will always have those. If the evaluation is correct, they can turn out as well, but we play in the SEC, and you better have SEC players.