Not sports, but if we keep this "theoretical" maybe it won't blow up and get deleted ----------------

----------------------------- at least it is worth a try in this sports waste land we find ourselves in with no sports to talk about.

I truly am curious about some of the theories being floated around. For instance, how is having to wear a mask and stay 6’ from strangers in the area an affront against our constitutional right to assemble and/or free speech? I tend to view that as like the gun rights person is not allowed to hunt ducks with a machine gun. Limiting him/her to a 12 gauge or less with just a few shells in the chamber is not a threat to his or her constitutional rights to arms. It is there for a good reason, to protect some of the ducks so more will be there in the future to be hunted. He/she exercises his or her right to bear arms and, at least, some of the ducks benefit. So why can’t that mask and distancing just be a little variation that allows assembling and speachifying to go on with little interference, for the benefit of some of those around them who might end up with the virus otherwise? Countries whose population is OK with that seem to be doing lots better than countries, like ours, where many find masks and distancing offensive and many defy all of that. Can someone explain the logic without falling into the “fake news” whine that seems to be “the answer” for everything some folks just don’t like nowadays?

A lot of ground on a lot of issues can be covered when one discusses constitutional rights, by recognizing that a great many people obsess about their rights and seemingly go mute when addressing their responsibilities. While not the truest example of “checks and balances” but protected rights come with inherent responsibilities and obligations to not just ourselves but to others as well. Not sure we (including me) are as outwardly focused as we need to be. Being a member of society has a great many benefits, but not without sacrifices from time to time.


Agreed. So why does Pence justify thousands at a rally for him without masks, without distancing, by saying we can’t forget about their “constitutional rights?” I may have just screwed up and crossed the “theoretical” line --------------------------------- again. :thinking:

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That is about as political as it comes. I’ll lock this one and hope that in the future we can avoid these type discussions.