Not sport related—Question

I’ve got some pictures on the mountain that are pretty unreal. It’s been a blast, I’m definitely coming back, one day. They say it’s just as nice in the summer too.

The town is really cool too, just about everything is within walking distance, and there’s a really nice town square.

For you, there’s multiple good breweries too, I’ve had some really good beer.

Talking my language.

Bud Light.

The beer of the many, not of the few.

I am one of the many. #dillydilly

You craft people can go to the pit of misery.

Pit of Misery #DillyDilly


You guys need some culture.

If you’ve never been to SouthEast Asia and drank Tiger Beer. You’ve never experienced culture or the appreciation of American Beer, even Bud Light.

LOL. True.