Not sport related—Question

Anyone here been to Jackson Hole?

Where are your favorite spots to eat if so , already been to Pinky Gs, some of the best pizza I’ve had.

Sorry, I been to Jackson Hole a few times and the last time was about 15 years ago. So I don’t even remember the best eateries there but I do remember eating good.

We enjoyed Moe’s BBQ right off the square. Everything there is pricey (Jackson Hole) but plenty of options. The banana pudding at Moe’s was wonderful.

A few notable spots ranging from more casual to more expensive

Dornan’s is my favorite place to have a drink and view the Tetons. Food is average but the view is worth the trip…

From this list in Teton Village <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ining.html”></LINK_TEXT> :
The Mangy Moose is an institution and worth a drink
The Handlebar is a fun and casual(but not cheap)place on the slopes
Il Villaggio Osteria is a good place for a nicer meal

In town, I like the Cafe Genevieve and their celebration of the pig! I also like Rendezvous Bistro.

The bird is really popular and good spot but read the web site first…depending on what you’re looking for it might not be for you

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

Will give them all a look.

Looks like my crew is heading to snake river brewery tonight for their Fat Tuesday party. Looking forward to that because I’ve really started to adventure out into the beer world.

Good for you. Craft beer sampling is awesome.

It is, quickly becoming something I do anytime I go to a new place. Getting a flight tonight, they have several IPAs id like to try, probably a stout too.

Love it. Love trying local brews.

Where you now?

I’m in Jackson as we speak.

But I’m living in New Orleans, there are some really good local breweries there.

I like going to the Gun Barrel for Velvet Elk.

The Bunnery has killer breakfast and baked goods.

If you need any help in finding a local watering hole that serves Bud Lite Dudley can help you. lol

Haha, I’ll take a hard pass on that, I’ve never liked bud light, even in undergrad when it was one of the only things I could get my hands on.

Heck with all that. How is the skiing as if I didn’t know. Have you jumped into Colbert’s yet? It is about 4-5 scary jump turns and then is sort of becomes a little less steep and just some great, great skiing. There is a place on the back side that many seem to forget or not know about - Grand Targee is one of my very favorite places and is certainly the best in-bound powder areas in the country. It is about an hr. drive W. and N across the pass.

It’s been great. These slopes are a little more challenging than what I’m used to, there are some serious steep ones. We are getting snow tonight and pretty much the rest of the week it looks like, so I’m trying to get first tracks in tomorrow on the powder.

Haven’t been up to corbets yet, but that’s definitely happening, one of the guys with use did the rendezvous bowl up there this morning and said it was a good ride, like you said. Heard there are some good waffles up there too lol so I definitely have to make the ride up there.

Just found out about targee today actually, but I’m not sure we will make it there this time.

Jackson Hole is not on my list of destination fly fishing trips. It’s a most expensive place. Very pricey. Now Aspen tops it, but not by much. Good fishing near both.

Nora’s Fish Creek Inn out in Wilson. Best breakfast Ever. I spent two winters in Jackson Hole working on the mountain and ate there every morning I did not have to open the place I was working.

The first winter there was the worst snow winter they had had in 20 years. It was awful…ice everywhere. The next winter was the best in 25! I snowboarded that year and it was awesome. I managed the base restaurant where the gondola leaves and every morning I had to make all of the heli-ski pack lunches. After the season ended my “Bonus” was I got to go on a heli-ski trip in the back country…one of the best memories of my life. I was the only snowboarder and the only one on the trip that kept looking for “Big Air” into powder. Our guide took me off about a 60’-70’ drop into powder that was over my head (I am 6’1")…It was GLORIOUS!

JRdent, I used to live up in that area, BUT that was back in the 40’s 50’s and the 60’s. There was a bar called silver dollar bar. The bar was in a horse shoe shape, and the whole bar was covered with silver dollars, that’s all you could see was silver dollars… I have never heard how many there was inlayed in the bar… I don’t think it is still there or you would of saw it…

This?? … ollar-bar/

It’s still there, we almost went last night, but went to the million dollar cowboy bar instead.

Never really looked at Jackson Hole as a vaca spot but did look at it today. It looks breathtaking.