Not Shooting well today

We are getting turnovers etc, just not shooting well at all. If we get in a groove, we will clean their clock.

That’s being really generous to our shooters. 27% FGs and 12% on 3s. And, they’ve been open 3s except for one of Hannahs. It’s hard to believe we could shoot like that and still be only 5 points down. Our free throw shooting (92%)has kept us in the game. Thanks to Macon’s 9-9. Now, if he can make some FGs (1-7 in the 1st half) in the 2nd half.

Who in the world is the guy in Moses’ shirt? He does have 6 boards, but 0 points and 2 TOs. Gotta get him going in the 2nd half.

Texas just had more energy in first half–more aggressive. Hogs stood around in half court and took too many forced shots from bad spots and out of rhythm. Better see something different in 2nd half or this will be a bad loss to a below average Texas team with a 142 RPI ranking. Not good effort so far from Anderson’s melange of JUCOs, marginal talent, regressed Moses and good ol’ Dusty.

Have you ever even considering posted anything positive? I think I know the answer. Relentless negativity is not being objective, nor is it keeping it real. It’s just being relentlessly negative.

Yep, just as I expected. We play a good second half, win the game, and crickets from your end. :roll:

Since you are so enamored with the accuracy of the RPI at this time of year, I guess you’re thrilled that it ranks us #27. BTW Texas moved to #129 just by virtue of playing us. Since almost every team in the Big 12 is in the RPI top 100, Texas will finish the season in the top 75 in the RPI if they can just finish .500.