Not saying they are wrong

But it will raise eyebrows and there will be questions for the coaches if the following instate players go elsewhere

Byars signs with Alabama
Thompson to Florida State
Norwood to Oklahoma or Notre Dame
Porter with Texas

These players all signing with traditional powers (granted Texas and ND are down) and not being offered by Arkansas ratchets up the pressure just a little bit more IMO. Passing over instate kids is okay if you’re winning. If you pass on them and don’t do so well it gets folks attention.

Wouldn’t it be more important if they actually contribute somewhere else? We don’t need TE/DE’s, and have better CB’s committed and offered, so I don don’t see the reason to get ones undies bunched up just yet.

Not to be chippie, but I don’t recall anyone actually excelling at any of the positions you mention in the 2016 season. #11 CB at times.

Unless you are signing absolutely widely recognized talent, why not take a chance on some of the home grown talent. Very likely couldn’t play any worse than what we’ve seen this past season.

We are not just eat up with talent at any position offensively or defensively that I can tell.

Not Bunched up! agree we don’t need to sign anymore CB’s but at present we only have one DL committed and they are still recruiting several

Byars still has grade trouble, right?

Is our program so strong and loaded with 4 & 5 star recruits that players good enough for Bama, FSU, OU, and TX are not good enough for Arkansas. Wow! I must have dreamed this past fall when I thought we had a very, very bad, slow defense and a poor Oline. Makes me feel so much better.

A couple of DE’s, we are going to the 3-4, we need DT’s and OLB’s. Oh, and a NT, are these guys any of them?

Don’t need DE’s???
Is this a serious statement?
Have you taken a look at the depth chart?

I’d say landing an athletic SEC pass-rushing DE is a pretty high priority.

At this point, I would consider that position the biggest miss of the incoming class, considering the roster.

Do you know what a 3-4 defense is? “Ideally 3–4 DEs should weigh 290–315 pounds and be able to beat double teams by getting a push.”

I don’t think either of these guys are that.

I know you still need some guys with speed that can get to the qb regardless of scheme.

We lacked that this season and very well may again if we don’t add a differerence maker or two on the edge.

If we continue to give qb’s all day to throw, our d will continue to be among the nation’s worst.

So you are saying we are all set on 300 pounders that can beat double teams and get a push??
Where did we hide all those this season?

Agim and Guidry will be DT’s, I think Jackson and Capps will be the NT. The pressure comes from OLB’s rushing and blitzing, and of course pressure from your DT’s. This isn’t the same defense we’ve been running.

Taylor Powell to Missouri.
Josh Johnson to Ia St

Do you see other schools getting all there state’s recruits no they get the ones they need Arkansas is not a huge high school football state, meaning we don’t produce as many d-1 recruits. We need to recruit for needs not just home state boys. Bielema also looks at character and class of an individual We got the best takent in the state and in my opinion Hyatt is a better qb than Powell. Byars we never pursued because of his grades and Norwood we have plenty of db’s this class. If I missed someone please excuse me. To win in the Sec we have to be able to recruit everywhere not just in state.

not knocking any of these kids BUT

Norwood is 5’7-8" tall. He is the OU corner to fill the spot taken by Kameron Curl we took from them. he is there plan B or C

Byars has not qualified to anyone’s knowledge. Probably headed to JUCO. will get a shot to recruit him again.

Porter has been evaluated and we have some better talent committed.

Powell is good coaches like Hyatt better with Connor Noland in the fold next year.

BJ Thompson is the one I do wish we would have offered. can see him growing into a beast.

I think the coaches have good players committed that are better than what is on campus and will fill needs.

Cant get them all and, as someone else said, if we had all four of these committed based upon the offers they had up til this week this board would be ready to fire everyone.

I find it ironic that when n instate player doesn’t have an offer from the hogs but does from elite recruiting schools (unlike us) there is L ways and justified reason.

He’s too short, he’s too tall, he’s not fast enough, he’s not going to qualify. They evaluated him and he wasn’t good enough, his hips were tight he was their second option… you get the point.

I just think that if OU, FSU, or any other elite program comes knocking, there is reason. There is a reason these teams make it to national championships and it’s because they have great talent.

I’m not bashing our coaching or their ability to evaluate talent, but they haven’t necessarily proven that they can turn a diamond in the rough into a diamond. And big time schools are stealing guys that clearly have the ability to play, atleast they think so.

Anyways i hope the kids the best and hope they do well, I know I would be highly upset if myself or my son was an exceptional athlete with offers from top ten recruiting schools but not the instate team.

Hoping our coaches are right about this, they are experts in the field I am not. But it’s going to be questioned when guys who have proven to be better at their job recruiting are offering our kids.

Hopefully our DBs really are better, time will tell.

Go hogs

This is a fine example the coaches are in when it comes to recruiting at Arkansas. Don’t offer these kids and we are “whiffing” on our main targets and “Reaching”, if you don’t offer then they are “Mis-evaluating” while others are doing a good job of evaluating and reaching into the State to “Steal” prospects.

We will know in 3 to 4 years if they made the right decision.

Are you saying they can “do no right”?


Are you saying they can “do no right”?
[/quote]With some it is kind of like being the chef where your patrons want to judge the meal, but they want to stand in the kitchen and dictate the ingredients!

When I heard that it caught my attention too. But this team cannot afford any misses or to sign a defensive lineman that may not make his grades. Bama may be able to afford that, but we can’t.
Other than Byers I don’t know each player’s individual story or why CBB is not interested, but I have to believe they feel the guys they are going after, or have gotten, are better.
Can this team really sign too many good defensive backs? They have been forced to play failing players because they simply had no one else. I am very happy with the huge influx of talent there.
They only planned on signing one TE. They got the best in JC ball that most of the big names were after.
We lost most our experienced WRs. We were bound to sign a bunch of them.
We needed OL’s and got the best in the state and two more.
As far as DE’s I don’t know, but they are still chasing some.
I think they addressed the KEY needs of this team with this class. No one has more on the line with these evaluations than CBB. Only time will tell if he is right. I do like the looks of this class though.