Not saying it is, but if it is Kiffin

How do you think the current players and recruits would react?


Just want to hear thoughts.


If you are an offensive player, extremely excited I would imagine

If you go read one of FAU’s primary message board, they seem to be resigned that he’s coming here. Many are talking about Kendall Briles replacing him. They seem to think he could come in and maintain what Kiffin built. There was also a post about how quiet Kiffin’s twitter had been today. Think it is very telling.

NOTE: I am not saying they KNOW anything for certain. It is just a public message board. This is the same board that a week ago, were laughing about the prospect of moving from Boca to Fayetteville.

And, I think the players and the recruits, including those who recently re-opened their recruiting would be very excited about Lane.


I agree about the excitement

I believe they will be excited! He brings star power and I believe he would put together a stellar staff.

I’m told Kiffin is still in Boca Raton which makes sense with the championship game coming up.

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The current players on the team would be very excited I think. When you’re 18-20 years old it’s all about attention & with Lane you will get that, along with the big name you get the big offense, a great staff, Kids will step it up for someone like that.
Just get a DC for the guys on the other side of the ball to learn from and get better.
He might get back some de-commits or find others just as good very quick.

As with any coaching hire, there will be conduct/moral clauses in the contract for whoever gets hired.

RD, you sly dog. You know, don’t you.

Bielema had morals clauses, which apparently didn’t keep him off the sauce if you believe Jackson. So did Morris. And Petrino. They’re written pretty vaguely for obvious reasons, but they weren’t vague enough that Long couldn’t fire BP for cause for sneaking his girlfriend onto the payroll.

All of which is to say morals clauses don’t point to LK or Bucky Freeze or any other candidate.

Or if you believe Dudley who confirmed Bielema’s being over served at a private recruiting dinner cost us a 5 star DE/future NFL stud!

LOL. I didn’t read Dudley as confirming your rant at all. He said it didn’t help. Maybe we don’t get Thomas anyway. Stanford ain’t a bad place to get an education and play football.

Wrong - said it did not help at all in the grand scheme of things, but that in the case of Solomon Thomas specifically it was a deciding factor.