Not read all the posts, But

Ya just got to admit there is just nothing quite like beating a “Texas Team”
Not saying the Horns, but when that team is good and from Texas. Then you win in dramatic fashion it sure is “Sweet”.
The State will be in Hog Heaven this week, it’s a must to stay the course!
AA did in 2 games what bigger brother took years to fend off, criticism.

Brenda’s son and myself just go nuts during the game my son just sits quietly.
I don’t know how he does it. Actually I yelled at 28-20 OK "I quit But Kids don’t you ever give up!
AA goes into for the TD and it’s bedlam at the Tucker Home. My son, Jason and I just went nuts!
It was like 3 kids on Christmas morning, sweet…

Speaking of being classless, somewhere around the last portion of regulation and before we had our last possession, TCU fans began chanting the equivalent of the Rama Bama cheer wherein they yell “… we just beat the hell out of you!!” Of course I think I’ve heard our students sing the same thing at Fayetteville, so maybe it’s not that classless. :roll:

I’ve never cared much for that, either, but one thing fans better do is wait until they’ve finally won to do it. If TCU’s fans did it last night, they were more than classless, they were stupid & got exactly what they deserved.

In a similar matter, CBB said some TCU fan kept yelling “Rose Bowl” at him from where the team entered the field. He said he didn’t see the guy after the game. :smiley:

Speaking of classless, how bad is it when the crowd boos an opposing player as he lies on the ground, hurt?

The one time I heard boos when our player was down was towards the end of either the half or regulation and for appearance sake one might have thought he went down to stop the clock. I saw that he took several steps before collapsing to the ground. It was very much like that Auburn player that time, and we boooooed. We’re we classless that time?

Come on Fred. Our folks would never be classless… :wink:

But booing Miller as he was headed to the locker room was classless. Totally…

I am only addressing the occurrence of Morgan falling near the south end zone and the fans booing him. Don’t even remember fans booing at Miller.