Not quite ready to fire CMM, but

Now that he has played both Jones and KJ, I now have a glimmer of hope for the future. Let me say this clearly: FIRE CMM IF HE STARTS HICKS OR STARKEL NEXT GAME!! However, I trust he has sense enough to start Jones or KJ, and play either/both the entire game. If he does, then he can begin to build for next year, and continue recruiting for the future.

If he starts Hicks, however, fire him before the first series begins, period. That would prove sheer stupidity on a campus that loves those 3.86 GPAs.

You want to make sure the crowd is decent for WKU, announce that you’ll start Jefferson in that game. A decent amount of fans will show up just to watch him play.

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I would be surprised to see Hicks or Starkel play again this year unless there are injuries to the freshmen.

Crowd will be awful if they announce Tom Brady is the QB. Will be the worst crowd of this year which will be the worst since the 2001 expansion.

Could be true, I’m just saying I know lots of people in that area that plan to go now with just the prospect of seeing Jefferson play in that game.

Will be true… first big weekend of deer season, worst SEC team by a wide margin, 11:00 AM kick, and (you won’t like this) but a healthy segment of ticket buyers sending a message to the PTB that they want to see change.

The whole town of Charleston, give aways to youth groups, and curiosity about KJ won’t overcome that.