Not-quite-bubble update

The guy at that had us as #3 on the almost on the bubble list last week? We’re up to #1 on his list now, and there are some interesting things going on with those teams just above us (he has 21 teams fighting over 13 at-large spots).

Florida, for instance. We beat the Wallets, they’re off the bubble and we might take their place.

Bama. Just beat them; they pretty much have to beat the Rebnecks to have any shot, maybe need to beat Kentucky again after that.

Clemson/NC State. They play each other in the ACC tournament. Winner may be in, loser out.

Texas. Their overtime win against us kept them from a losing record, even though they beat UNC, Marquette and Kansas. May need two wins in KC to make the field, and first up is Kansas.

Indiana. We beat them, which is more than Michigan State can say, and they also have 14 losses. May have a play-in game with Ohio State similar to NCS-Clemson.

St. John’s. Seriously slumping, may need a win or two in the Big East tournament to get in even with 20 wins now.

Then we have some midmajors who are just hoping for at-large since their conference tournaments are over. Lipscomb. Belmont. UNC-Greensboro. Furman. Some have better resumes than others, all are hoping the committee is kind.

Our bubble hopes are pretty slim, but they’re not zero. Lose to Florida, though, they’re zero. We might be in the same situation as Texas, need two (or more) wins to get in.

What would a win over Florida, LSU,
(S. Carolina, or Auburn) do. Those 3 would be Q-1 wins at a neutral site? Or would it take the 4th wind and the auto bid?

My own opinion is that beating Florida and LSU might just get us in, and LSU should be easier if Smart and Reid are both out. Those would both be Q1 wins, which would give us three (two over LSU). Chickens in the semis would be Q2. Auburn would be Q1. However, Ole Miss is close to Q1-at-home territory (34th) and if they get there (top 30) that gives us an extra Q1 win for the game at BWA.

Smart probably will still be held out.
Reed they said had got hurt. And don’t play. I don’t buy it. I think he got some cash too. Just like I think the kid from Florida they signed Dayes is out of the AAU circuit that the handler from Florida made a deal to keep from being prosecuted. I would suspect there are at least 3 in this years class along with Waters from last years class.
I would hope we beat Florida and LSU. I would like the matchup with Ole Miss over Auburn or S Carolina anyway.

I’m a lot more concerned about how we play than who we play, every team we play can and will beat us if we don’t show up with our “A” game. We have the capability to play with anyone and I believe that wholeheartedly, the only thing I worry about is our inconsistency, we lose 6 in a row we when 3 in a row, this team should be a tough out in every game at this point of the season. WPS

LSU’s interim coach said yesterday that Reid was “in the protocol,” suggesting he had concussion-like symptoms, and that’s why he didn’t play against Vandy. He’s good to go for the tournament. No word on the return of either Smart or Wade.

I agree we have to bring it against whoever, and that would include Vandy if we had to face them. Vandy darn near beat us at home.

Bubble got smaller Tuesday night with Saint Mary’s win over Gonzaga; nobody had the Gaels in the field. They’re there now which means the Zags get a precious at-large.

The hogs need to make it smaller tomorrow by beating Florida.
It’s a shame they put themselves in the bubble territory in the first place. Maybe they can overcome their weaknesses and win! Learn to play sence of urgency in every game!