Not playing like #1 team yet

I am glad the team is winning but it’s fools gold to think we can continue to hit and pitch the way we have and win in by far the toughest conference in the country.

Rotation still very much undetermined and that’s scary this close to conference play. Bolden has his last chance today,if he throws like he did in Texas he will be great if not he has to go.
My personal rotation would be.

Wiggins,Palette and Kopps.

Offensively we have to get Wallace( can’t have your clean-up hitter hitting less than 200)and Webb going, because against these tough LH the RH bats are going to have to carry us.
Long ways to go,got to pick up our game a lot for this to be the season we all want.

What team is playing better? Arkansas is 8-0 against what I think are five pretty good teams. I follow college baseball pretty closely and I don’t see another team that is a clear-cut No. 1 over Arkansas.

Vanderbilt has a great team, but it has struggled in some games, too. It lost to Georgia State and won low-scoring, one-run games over Georgia State and Wright State. Georgia State looks like a pretty good team. Wright State started 0-5 against Vandy and Alabama, so the verdict is still out.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see SEMO or Murray State in the NCAA Tournament as the OVC champion. Both have older teams with experience. Murray State has two pitchers — the first reliever yesterday and today’s starter — who were formerly in the SEC.

What I’ve been impressed with by Arkansas is the ability to stay in games when everything is not going well. When pitching wasn’t good vs. Texas Tech, the bats kept the Razorbacks in the game. Pitching and defense kept them in the game against TCU. We’ve seen the hitters wear down No. 1 starters and front of the bullpen relievers, and come back from three-run deficits in the two series openers at home.

The ability to break another team’s heart in the eighth or ninth inning is what championship-caliber teams have. I’ve seen LSU and Vanderbilt do it for years. It seems Arkansas has that capability this year. There is a calm about this team that has been impressive so far.


Agree with your thoughts about areas that need to improve. Pretty sure Coach agrees too.

Disagree about Kopps. His effectiveness is almost exclusively tied to how his cutter is moving that day. That gives opportunity for a very cold outing, which is certainly not ideal for a weekend starter.

Not enough sample size for me yet to think Wiggins is best weekend starter option over others. Right now, he looks to me like he could be an all-American closer. It’s a luxury to be able to bring him along the way they are doing.

Wallace looks better than his average. Easy to see why coaches are sticking with him so far (remember, he reportedly had a huge fall season, so he has shown more to them than these first 8 games).

Must get a consistent bat/good defense combination in LF. That might be the revolving door in the lineup through much of the season, as has happened at other positions in the past.

But, I disagree with your header. Hogs are playing like #1… they keep winning in spite of needed improvement. No other team can exclusively say that yet.

Pallette and Noland struggled yesterday, tough weather to pitch in. And sometimes the other team also gets it going for a bit. I’m glad we didn’t play MVSU. By the way, Murray State’s starting Pitcher is a preseason OVC first teamer, and pitched well last year in the shortened season. I like it when the other team brings their best. I’m suspecting the Hog bats will look better the rest of the series (I’m not sure that’s possible for Moore, though, he was outstanding).

Accurate assessment. At the end of the year, committee doesn’t care if you’ve won by 1 or 10, as long as you won. Winning while still settling in to roles.

I think Van Horn likes having at least one left hander in his rotation, so if Lockhart isn’t starting, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wicklander take that spot. I haven’t seen anything to suggest Lockhart won’t keep the job. He pitched well against TCU and pitched in the rain last week. I don’t think you can take much away from that outing. The mound conditions were not good.

I’ve always thought Bolden had starter stuff. He was going to be in the weekend rotation at Mississippi State last year, but the season was called off before the rotation could be announced that week. I think he pitched too soon between outings last week.

I was interested to hear Van Horn say he thought Noland pitched well yesterday. The only reason he was pulled was because coaches liked a left-on-left matchup for Morris.

I guess that’s true when you consider how everyone else has played, just not used to seeing our stats that far down in the conference, especially pitching will have to get a rotation that can match up with OM and MSU. I think we can get it just will have to possibly sacrifice some of the bullpen to do it

Yeah Noland didn’t seemed to have near the same stuff as last time

Yeah Kopps is hard to figure out but DVH has said he may be pitching better than ever and I kind of see what he’s talking about,hes had better control and cutter and CB have been much sharper. When I look at how well other Great teams have played,We are playing like #1.We Will find out soon how good we are.

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My goodness, some sure can rain on a parade, lol. Winning is what is important, no one will go undefeated in baseball, I expect we’ll have 15 losses at a minimum this year. Try to enjoy sports, instead of picking apart every little detail.


I’m really liking Wiggins in the closer role. He’s lights out for one or two innings but I’m not sure about him for four to six innings yet. He’s still just barely out of HS so I’d like him to have a full year under his belt before being considered for a starting job. He looks like a 15-save guy if the opportunity presents itself.


Oh I enjoy sports thoroughly or I wouldn’t be watching as much as I do but that is the ole coach inside me that is picking apart every detail, that’s what we do, chain only as strong as weakest link, I can assure you DVH scrutinizes every little detail.

You were a baseball coach?

Yes I coached baseball and even a Lil basketball

Ok, I thought you were a OL coach. I mean, I coached baseball, too, but I stopped at 12 yr olds, lol.

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Yeah most Coaches coach more than 1 sport.Hey u were a Coach, once a Coach always a Coach! so glad you were a part of our fraternity!

Well, coached basketball and flag football, too! Gave up flag football after 2nd grade, Steve Cox had flip charts for his team, we used the dirt on the field to draw up our plays. I had 3 D-I basketball players on our AAU basketball team, but quit it after 12, too, the Wings and other organizations took all the good players, lol.

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So much fun to Coach! Frustrating at times, but you do it because you love it!

So Kopps came in with 2 runners on and threw a wild pitch resulting in 2 on, 1 out, runners on 2B & 3B. Struck out the next guy, 2 out. Walked the batter, bases loaded. He bowed up and struck out the final batter. That’s a reliever y’all.

Arkansas has had some of those in the past (Zach Jackson, Reindl, Cronin). They might get in trouble, but then they get out of it. It is an art and a mind set. It’s what is needed to win and advance.

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