Not much to impress visitors today!

So, I can’t imagine the recruits/visitors were too impressed with what they saw today.
Bad play on the field,
Fans booing
Wasn’t much to be impressed with today.

On the other hand, sold out stadium, opportunity to play early, renovated stadium. I always try to look for something positive.

Good points and I appreciate you pointing them out.

Silver lining! At least we’re not staring down the hurricane in Florida! Or maybe we ought to get Florida as the east team we play every year.
I don’t know what to say.

Well, my wife is in Florida. I’ve been here in Ar. For the past 10 days, working on our house, in Cotter.
The silver lining for her and our family, is we live in Northern Fl on the East coast side, and the hurricane kept shifting further West. Not so fortunate for the West coast.

Actually the kids I communicated with had a great time. I remember when Froholdt visited for the South Carolina game of Bret’s first year when they lost 52-7 and everyone said there noway he’s coming. I agree with DRHog. The stadium looks very impressive now under construction and will be one of the best venues of all of college football when it’s done.

Never as bad as it seems or as good as it appears.

As we all know what 16 and 17 year olds look for is not necessarily what adults do.

In case you didn’t make the game yesterday, I shot this from the press box. I’m not easily impressed but when I sat down and looked around I was blown away. I can’t imagine what the finish product will look like.

I don’t disagree with any of the replies
The Stadium is gonna be grand!
The Razorback fans are the greatest!
I go to games when I can.
I will always be a Hog fan! Regardless of win or lose.!
I was just curious what the visitors thought about the game on the field!
17 or 65, you gotta be impressed with what the Arkansas Razorbacks have to offer with regards to facilities, stadium and fans! I can’t wait to move out of Jax Fl, back to Arkansas next year. Been away too long!
Always a Razorback at heart!