Not much talk about the defense this year...

Most of the threads and conversation have centered on the quarterback battle and the offensive line. Last year we were about as bad as you could be in those two areas…probably the worst in my lifetime. So I understand why we are discussing those quite a bit.

However, a problem that must be fixed is the defense, especially on 3rd down. We just can’t seem to get a stop and make the other team punt. How many times have we played pretty well on 1st and 2nd down only to fail to stop the other team whether its 3rd and 3 or 3rd and 15? It so frustrating how we just can’t seem to get any turnovers or make a 3rd down stop. I guess this is the sign of a bad defense, so how is this being fixed and will it be fixed this year?

I don’t think I can watch another year of this miserable 3rd down defense. This has been a problem for years, not just last year. It is so demoralizing for the players and the fans. It makes you want to scream some bad, bad words.

That’s almost always the case. Never does pre-season talk center around defense. I get amused over that. I have written a few pieces on defense, most definitely some interviews with defensive linemen. We’ve had interviews with defensive players from Dudley and Scottie. Just no one seems to discuss them. Go figure.

CBB’s gone. Enjoy.

I have posted a few times my concern about the inexperienced secondary being able to play the aggressive style that Chavis coaches,just very hard to play that style with so little experience.I am also concerned that our DL will not be able to stop the run against the better teams.I love Sosa’s athleticism but he will be playing inside the whole game for the 1st time and often getting Double teamed which he is not used to when he was DE and taking on 320-330 OL takes it toll on you in the 2nd half and I am not sure Marshall/Smith have not shown they are physical enough to stop the run either but they are stronger this yr and hopefully it will show on the field.I do expect Gerald to have a very good season b/c he is in shape now and provide a pass rush but must improve against the run.We do have a great LB in Scoota and I hope Pool has improved enough to step in and help and if he can it will help the run defense a lot! so hopefully he can.

I want to be optomistic but haven’t seen them do it enough tio be all in just yet, as they ole saying goes Respect must be Earned and not given and I sure hope the do! Go hogs!

I think the secondary is finally taking shape. They still need more bodies, this recruiting class so far for secondary players still has some work to do. From what I can gather, we have better speed in secondary and some depth, However it is still young depth. We signed a massive defensive line class last year but we still need more, I always like to see that 300 lb monster and mean defensive tackle in every class. Linebacker and safety are area of needs for this class. I think the defense will be improved. Alabama or LSU good not there yet. But I think we’ll be much better on defense this year, hope so at least. Offensive line is still the one area of true concern. In the footage yesterday, to see a defensive lineman come unblocked to qb concerns me.

What there has really been no talk about is the running game. That has to be there this year. I fear the QB issues have once again taken away from what is essential for us to be effective on offense. You guys can keep on talking about CBB, but the coach is CCM and he is known for not running the ball and using a TE.

But I guess it’s ok, we have 59 WR’s.

QBs always get the most attention.

Just off the top of my head I know I’ve written about Jarques McClellion’s physicality, Mataio Soli, the defense as a whole aiming to improve in the run game, and Sosa Agim last night. Dudley hit on Kam Curl, linebacker depth a couple of times as well as defensive backs and running backs.

our D has been historically bad for the past couple years, maybe 4 since Trey Flowers left.

I sure look for us to be improved, but we could be very average and be much better.

we’ll know more after Ole Mrs, and a lot more by November


Yes razor will I agree we do appear to have more speed in the secondary but every time I hear about more speed I am reminded of what Lou holtz said when he had a blue chip All-American freshman cornerback coming in and was told of his blazing speed he said that’s all fine and good but all that tells me is he’ll get to where he shouldn’t be a whole lot faster than everybody else we will see I sure do hope we can make some great plays and get the ball back to our offense

There is more speed and TALENT in the secondary this season, even it is young.

Tell me if I am wrong, but haven’t you guys been lighting up the secondary like opposing teams have been doing lately?

Also, having done tons and tons and tons of writing about the defense, it’s gotten is share of the pub.

It’s just not viewed as interesting as the QB debate.

Well if a mistake is made, young or experienced, I’d rather have speed. They are going to make mistakes, but I like the depth they are building and the talent level is improved. I’m encouraged as far as secondary goes.