Not much chatter today about the KK announcement

Its suppose to come in a few hours right?

I thought I saw someone say 2:30

Yea I think thats right, thought there’d be a little more chatter/hope he’s a hog, sounds like another nice piece to the 2020 class

After his visit, I thought he was a KS lean, but over the last couple weeks, I think he’s a Hog, so I think we are good there.

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Kansas, Kentucky and Auburn need to stay the heck out of Arkansas.
Sign some players from your home state for a change your not welcome here.

KK will hopefully do the right thing and sign with the Hogs today just like most others have accept for that one who must have needed the “$Stuff$” Auburn had to offer.

Go Hogs!

Yes, at 2:30. Nothing has changed. I expect him to be a Hog.

The train is gathering speed…

It’s is worth the wait.

Richard do you already have a good story prepared?

No drama here. Moody commit sealed this days ago.

I hope so! I also hope once KK calls the hogs McBride gets an offer and he calls the hogs too! Make room for these really good guards. We do need another big man too!

It’s Arkansas



Great pickup

Great news! WPS!!!

Great news

Nice, got a 8 lbs prime rib in the smoker, this news will make it taste even better WooPig