Not looking like Miss St will be to beatup next

after playing Bama like some of us were thinking. Everything Bama is giving there getting equal or more back. Possible 1, 2 and 3 going down this week

They got beat up pretty good and certainly will have nothing left in the tank after that effort tonight. Still, they will have plenty left to beat Arkansas. How much effort does it take to beat a team that has no Oline and no defense at all?

State will surely be deflated coming to the Hill. Although that won’t matter in the end. They have more talent and more to play for.

I have long thought that Dan Mullen does not get enough credit for how physical his teams play. They almost always have really good line play.

I agree with you Matt. Also he has had numerous defensive coordinators come and go for better jobs and they keep on fielding solid defenses. He suffers some let down games but is good coach.

Lot’s talk every year about him leaving but his family is very happy in Starkville and it will take large amount of money for him to leave as he as support of the powers to be and improving situation with instate rival Ole Miss NCCA issues for recruiting.