Not looking good...

Defense is not playing well. Shot selection poor. Turnover aplenty.

If we don’t clean it up in the second half then it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Tenn just looks like the better team right now. Hope we turn it around. This is a really big game.

Looks to me like we aren’t as good as we hoped. We feast on crappy teams and can’t play with solid ones

I’m hoping we’re just not having a good day and this isn’t indicative of where we really are. Too many turnovers, missed open looks and silly fouls. Tennessee is playing good D and hitting the shots they need to make. We’re not. But it’s still close and that says something I think…or at least hope.

Oklahoma and Minnesota were crappy teams??

Very disappointing performance by the Hogs so far today. 3:33 left … things better change quick or 0-1 hope to start SEC play. AGAIN!!

Silver lining to this is Tenn is a very good team. As poorly & uncharacteristically the Hogs have played . To have a chance to win at the end regardless of what happens - Our Hogs definitely have mental toughness

We have trouble scoring when threes aren’t falling. That is how we beat OU.

Tennessee is a crappy team also

Fastest 40 not fastest 38

:lol: :lol:

Ah yes, the I told you so folks are out. I’m glad we won!!! I guess I should never post during a game.

Usually a pretty good idea in any sport. Stuff you post in the first half often comes back to bite you.

Reply : I would have thought by now by watching last season’s team you learned it ain’t over until the buzzer sound or the season play is finished, when you make definitive statements before the game dust has settled you come across as one of those wishful thinkers.

In today’s college game, a team (any team) rarely wins if threes are not falling. If there’s are not falling, the opponent clogs up the lanes shutting down the inside game. It does not pay to have a scoring big (of course there are exceptions), if you can’t hit the threes.

Pretty simple.
If you make dumb statements (feast on crappy teams–when we have wins over some really good teams) people will call you on it.

If you don’t want “I told you so” people coming at you, don’t make sweeping, knee-jerk, absolutely factually incorrect statements.

He’s not interested in being right.

Y’all can all kiss my ass. Message board Bullies! Some of you like to hear yourselves talk and take on people with dissenting opinions all the time. I bleed red, root hard and heavy for the Hogs, I scream and yell at home and at games. Spend my hard earned dollars on football tickets and go to basketball when I can. Been paying for HI since 1995. So I was very disappointed during the game, we had to start winning games like this if we want a good seeding in tourney. I shared an OPINION which was negative bc i was frustrated. I forgot this isn’t a board for fans to post their opinions unless they are correct. I swear some of you guys get your kicks off arguing and trying to prove people wrong on here.

Yeah sure not interested. You think I dislike the Hogs or Mike? You don’t know me man. Keep the personal comments to yourself.

Not sure why you’re crying about it. No one bullied anyone. You made statements that weren’t true. That’s fine. You’re entitled to your opinion, even if it’s not factually correct. You stated we “feast on crappy teams and can’t play with solid ones”.

That simply isn’t true and wasn’t at the time you posted it. Look around. Oklahoma is salty. We beat them on a neutral court. Minnesota is really good. Beat them easily. Several of the mid-majors we played are very good. We were down 6 against UNC with a few minutes left. There hasn’t been much fluff in the schedule.

We have been very high in the RPI all year. You don’t get up there by playing no one and/or beating only cupcakes.

There’s nothing wrong with dissenting opinion. It just helps if the opinion is backed up by the objective evidence. Yours wasn’t.

I get a kick out of posters like you. You rip the team and coaches because you’re “frustrated” but then get completely bent out of shape and start flipping out when fellow posters question you or debate you on a message board.

It’s a freaking message board. You had an opinion. Others–without calling names–had a differing opinion. That’s the way it works.

But somehow, we/they are bullies and you’rs just some presumably a more die-hard and loyal, but frustrated fan who is allowed to make sweeping, incorrect statements about the players and coaches without the least bit of pushback whenever you’re dead wrong?