Not looking good in Cincinnati

Damar Hamlin of the Bills made a tackle, stood up, then collapsed to the ground like he’d been shot. Joe Buck said they were doing CPR on him for a long time. I’m afraid there is a very good chance we’ve just seen the second on-field death in NFL history. The first was Lions WR Chuck Hughes, who died of a heart attack during a game in 1971.

I don’t know how they can resume this game after this. Booger McFarland can barely talk about it.

When I saw the replay, I thought heart attack, I hope he recovers

Game suspended to let the teams recover and regroup. I don’t know if they can. Certainly not the Bills.

Chuck Hughes collapsed with about a minute left in that game in '71. Somehow they actually finished the game.

I didn’t see it happen but it appears to be very serious.

Wasn’t that much of a hit. He’s #3.

They were doing CPR, very, very scary issue

Being reported that the ambulance is still in the parking lot waiting on his mom to get to the ambulance. That doesn’t sound good at all

yeah looks like a heart related issue for sure…Praying for him.

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Prayers for the young man and his family


Watching the replay one more time, he took the Bengals player’s helmet to the sternum. That kind of impact can conceivably stop the heart.

you took the words right out of my mouth…he took a direct hit to the heart area. could have very well caused the heart to stop.

That is what I thought after watching the replay. Praying for him.

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Seems like I remember reading a few decades ago about a high school kid who broke through to block a punt, and the punter kicked him in the chest. It caused his heart to stop and he died. I am very afraid we just saw a repeat of that.

Someone just tweeted commotio cordis. Not sure how they’d know, but that goes with what you’re saying

That’s exactly what the link I posted above talks about

Commotio cordis is a phenomenon in which a sudden blunt impact to the chest causes sudden death in the absence of cardiac damage . This condition was first described in the middle of the 18th century in the context of chest trauma among

Hopefully this does not end horribly for Hamblin. This was somewhat reminiscent of Mckenzie Phillips who"died"on the field during a game at Shiloh several years ago. before being miraculously revived and recovered.

Joe Buck just reported that the ambulance didn’t leave the stadium until Hamlin’s family came down from the stands to go along. Which was 30 minutes after he collapsed. That sounds very, very bad.

About the only hope is if they can defib him at the hospital and shock it back into Rhythm

If he hasn’t had a pulse for 45 minutes now, it’s too far gone to bring him back. Which is why waiting for his family to board the ambulance is a very bad sign. If there was a chance to save him, he needed to be at the hospital ASAP.