not looking good for the future

this OL is a long way away! and we are replacing AA him next yr with a QB with the mobility of a 90 yr old man! defense is horrible and doesn’t have the personnel to run the 3-4.going to get real ugly doesn’t look like CBB will survive,I like him but the players just arent going to be implemement what he wants to do.

As someone who is 54, but whose arthritis makes him feel like 90, I don’t Cole Kelly is the stationary target you do.

time will tell he stays in there a while from what I have seen. once he unwinds those long legs he can move I’m sure.

I guess I still don’t understand what you are saying.

He threw two passes, one for a touchdown and the other one he was hurried on.

Not sure where I see the 90 year old man mobility assessment.

Kelly looked pretty salty running the ball. He played well today. I expect we may see more of him in the coming weeks. He is not fast,but neither is Austin Allen. Kelly is powerful with that massive size. You are going to need a sturdy body playing behind our offensive line. Poor Austin Allen is getting pummeled again this year.

You watch Kelley and think he can’t move–especially for his huge size? What game do you watch? Seriously.

You’ve posted a lot of way off base stuff the last few weeks and Clay and others have explained basic football principles to you but your description of Kelley is ridiculous. Possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on this board.

Kelley has a bright future. He is more mobile than AA. Not saying he is a better QB right now but if we have a bad year in store, I would just as soon he was in the game.

I agree. Austin Allen’s on field demeanor is terrible. Might as well get Kelly some experience this year.

Nothing against Clay or anybody else but pretty sure youdaman is a football coach.

And he’s right the OL is terrible and we don’t have the personnel to run a 3-4. I don’t know that we have personnel to run a 4-3, 0-7 or a 7-0 for that matter.

Ya. And, based upon their posts I’ll put Clay’s football knowledge up against his every day and twice on Sunday.

youda has been way off on some basic football stuff (reach blocks and trapping against certain DL alignments–and now remarkably off Re Kelly as a weapon). the last few weeks.

As for saying our OL stinks and we don’t have the personnel yet as we transition to a 3-4, I think Stevie Wonder can see that.

Why do we have such a terrible OL and lack the personnel run ANY SCHEME in year 5 of Bret’s tenure is the $4.7mm question?

Seems to be they recruited highly recruited guys who haven’t developed (it’s their job to develop them).

And, they’ve hit on 1 of about 5-6 Juco OL. Recipe for awfulness.

That’s all on them. Not sure what that has to do with whether Kelley is mobile–the only thing that caused me to jump on this thread.

Well it doesn’t …I jumped because other than the Kelly comments Youdaman seems spot on to me

You think what he said about reach blocks and trapping was spot on?

dude I havent off base on anything!! I said our DE lined up inside the OT unless we have a scape stunt on with the OLB is suiside and it is it allows for a very easy reach block( comical that you don’t think I know what I’m talking about on reach blocks LOL I teach it for a living!!) by the OG and allows the OT to go block your LB you will never see Bama lined up like this our Clemson and as far as trapping that is spot on too that is the best way to stop a DL from being aggressive Clay said TCU was playing off the Ball some but they were still attacking the LOS but we never tried to do anything but run right at them so they had to take us on…My comments today on Kelly is everytime I have seen him drop back to pass is his feet are in concrete(name me a time when he has scrambled out of the pocket??) and looks like a statue.I am sure he can run if he got going but he looks to have none right now becasue it will take him time to get that big body going…oh BTW lets go to me talking about Colton Jackson when you foolishly tried to cover for him by saying what a great player the Famu player was becasue he was once at Auburn and then Clay erally made you look bad by saying their best DL didnt even play LOLOL well who was right me or you??? look i know the game I don’t just spout out crap to hear myself talk.I have watched enough film to last 2 have a problem with me and its personal and I could care less but don’t ever think what I am saying is off base becasue I can assure you its not. time will tell on Kelly and if i am wrong i will be glad to come back on here and give props unlike you.

Youdaman I’m pretty sure that Cole is more mobile than my dad. I’m an impressive 59 year old athlete myself, but I’m pretty sure he would smoke me too! :lol:

yeah my friend I kind of exaggerated a little there! lol

I didn’t read your long, undoubtedly truth twisting post because I’m sure I know how it goes (a scan confirms I’m right–complete mischaracterization of what I posted–never said the FAMU was great–just that he wasn’t a complete pushover and that he had to have some talent because he was at AU and as a freshman, his coach said he could do it all).

Your were wrong, badly a couple of times. Clay pointed out that he knew the things you were wrong about since he was about 12.

Then, of course, you tried to explain it away as something else.

I really don’t care. I just think it’s hilarious.

You hold yourself out to be a guru and then when called on it you back pedal like crazy.

I have no doubt you know tons more football than me,
but the way you post makes me laugh out loud a lot of times. Your Kelley take was almost painful to read it was so bad. I mean it was so laughable.

Anyone who can’t see Kelley is a load and is very mobile considering his massive size really needs to wake up.

But, hey, you were right about Colton Jackson and the
OL. Congrats on that.

yeah and the reason you don’t read it is you are afraid I am right name me a time when Kelly has scrambled out of the pocket?? now on designed runs he looks Ok( hate to burst you bubble but more to being QB than running off tackle but he is a load as he should be at 268 lbs) but from a standing in the pocket and taking off I haven’t seen him do that is why I say that… look at Bama and Clemson and see if they line up their DE the way we do?? Backpedaling LOL i always defend my position!! backpedaling would be taking back what I said. and the 90 yr old man quote was obviously sarcasm!

Youdaman, I appreciate your posts. Aside from the obvious, what do you think Anderson teaches different than Pittman. I’m watching the UGA game and I think CBB made a critical mistake in letting the Chaney/Pittman combo get away.