Not just today... seeing this for awhile now...

I really frustrates me to watch these Razorbacks play. On
offense they are atrocious. Too many times, I see 2-3 passes
around the top of the key, picks not set well with lazy cuts
on the rare time they use the pick, then someone decides to
go one-on-one. If they can not get a fast break, they are in

On defense, when we try to press we seem to give up a constant
stream of lay-ups or dunks. When we are switching at the top
of the key, the opponents always work it until the get Kingsley
or Thompson switched out of position on a guard then drive down
the lane.

Looking back to the Vanderbilt win, I’ll say I was very happy
we came away with a victory. Their intensity was fantastic the
last 5 minutes of the game. It makes one wonder where the hell
was it the other 35 minutes. I’m seeing the same lack in this
OSU game.

Too much one-on-one, no boxing out, lack of intensity, porous
defense, no communication, poor passing… this stuff just
drives me nuts!!!

Agree on def but think your off base that the Off is atrocious…they are just behind UK in scoring and 2nd in the league

Dudley says Arkansas is a good, not great team. He even convinced me to acknowledge we have a “good” team a few days ago. I think I might’ve made a mistake.

Be careful man. If you state your frustration, you will be attacked.

There is a big difference between expressing frustration with this game and extrapolating judgement to our entire season. There is a reason the season is longer than just one game. Pouring on the hate for the entire program and throwing the entire season in the garbage because of one half is just a sore loser attitude.

I’m frustrated, but it’s just one game.

I agree that we are a good team although it’s hard to see today.

It’s a real close call. A “good” team usually team doesn’t get beat like this – playing virtually no defense st all – at this time of year. And a “good” team makes the NCAAT. I really don’t think we will. Hate to say that, but that is my feeling.

Aw heck, here comes the I told you so crowd.

Can the “I told you so” members please link us to your season predictions, so we’ll know what all games you had us penciled to win and lose, so you don’t have to remind us after every loss? Thanks in advance.

if you are putting me in the I told you so crowd, I don’t fit. I was planning for a team that was good enough To be Sweet 16, we still may be but this team is pretty inconsistent. I not a hater, I just want to win. Maybe this blow out will hit their pride some and they step up.

If you feel like your on it, chances are good that you are lol.

BLU, I said 22 and the NIT. I’ve changed it to 25, obviously with today, I don’t think we will get 25. If we do it’ll include a victory @FL or @SC. Today, is just a HORRIBLE game all the way around. We shouldn’t lose to a 12-8 team, hopefully this will “wake them up” for a stretch run.

If I here “it’s just one game” again, I will puke

This is not a one game phenomenon

Sad old frequent complaint-- officiating-- was horrible and very one sided in 1st half-- greatly contributed to our huge 1st half deficit-- imho

Exactly. Nothing but frustration today. And, many of the concerns are valid.

The team is what it is–good but not great. Not sure why there’s shame in acknowledging that, but to each their own.

What’s not? Losing? Bad defense? Bad rebounding? Bad offense?

The facts are that we are 16-5, 5-3, and have a very good chance to win the next 4, putting us at 20-5, 9-3 and 3rd or 4th in the SEC.

I’ll agree that at times this is a very ugly team to watch on both ends of the court. I also know that statistically they are near the top of the league in offense and defense.

So, puke all you want, but it IS just one game.

And, frankly, it’s a lot less important than the win at Vandy for which you are giving them little credit (or the wins at Tenn and Tamu).

I’m not happy about it at all and don’t ever think we should be OK with a no-show effort on defense.

But, the absolute disgust that some of you appear to have for this team and staff is really weird considering we have a very solid record and resume 2/3rds of the way through the season.

It’s just one game. I’ll take 16-5, with 4 very winnable games coming up. WPS!

These are the same people that ran off Nolan! To a T! And I’m not talking about racist, I’m talking about don’t know anything about basketball, and what it actually takes to win championships (at every level in nolans case- but they took the opportunity at every loss to say it wasn’t a one off thing but that he just couldn’t win- crazy!)

These people just want it to be football so bad so they can talk about firing the coach over one game. Because they are used to losing and see the writing on the wall at the first L. It’s not football people. We are in the top of the league!

Ok, so here’s the deal

Of course today was only one game

But the deficiencies in this team and yes, this system are repetitive and consistent.

We overplay defensively when we do not possess the quickness to do so.
We are stagnant on offense far too often. We do not make the defense move at all.
We give up far too many offensive rebounds.

I was thrilled we won at Vandy. But seriously, does anyone really think we played like an even “good” basketball team.

So maybe we do have a “good chance” to win the next 4-5 game. But anyone who will pull of the rose colored glasses will admit we could lose everyone of them by playing the way we do. Yes,clutch wins at TN, TX, AM, Vandy, LSU, but periods of mind-numbing poor play in every one of them.

I am not necessarily opposed to the Anderson "system " if you have elite players to run it. When you don’t, you can look really bad.

It’s my opinion and I may be wrong. But no one loves the Hogs more than I. Made the trip over today. Will be at every home game and have been for years. Used to drive up and back from North Texas for every game, and work the next day. I have been patient. But this is not good basketball.

I don’t know too many “bad” basketball teams that can overcome double digit deficits on the road once, let alone 3 times within a couple of weeks. If you know any, please list them, I’m a huge college basketball fan, I’d love to watch those “bad” teams play, I love a good comeback.

Also, any team in the SEC not named Kentucky can lose their next 4 games if they don’t come out and play their A game. Heck, throw that out, Kentucky just lost to Tennessee when they didn’t play their A game, so yea every team in the conference has to play well to win. I’ve yet to see anyone post that if we play like we did at Oklahoma State that we’d win our next 4 games, what most realize is that we have an opportunity to win the next 4 because they are lesser teams, according to RPI, and we realize that we still have to play well to win those games.

If the RPI is a measuring stick, ours didn’t change. I’m not going to say this team is great, this team works hard and sometimes they lose. Some teams have bad games. Look at Duke. I’m sure some are calling for the coaches head. I will just go with the flow and hang on. I’m not one to base a season on one or two games. It happens. :slight_smile: