Not just California with athlete payment bills

Florida has one and it would go into effect a lot sooner than California’s.

Congress isn’t that far behind either, although it’s hard to believe that circus could get its act together enough to pass anything.

More laws on athlete payment

Strange New World. IMO the NFL wants to go internartional with its league and the NBA
has some ideas on that and college sports will be beyond belief.

Personally I loved MLB for many years but have totally lost interest in it and the NBA. I also feel some saturation on college football on TV etc, so I guess I am beyond my time.

But time and tide wait for no man. That does not always mean good things.

On SEC Nation this morning, they had a great talk (Tebow, Spears, and Finebaum) about all of the implications of the new law in California. They talked for quite a while and had some good points. They discussed many of the potential pitfalls. They talked about the fact that football, and potentially basketball pay for so many other sports.

I don’t know if that is available anywhere, but it was well done.

The state of Alabama enacted this player pay when Bear was a baby…

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This is the second half of what Oklahoma & Georgia started several years ago and chaos will be the winner