Not Hog related - but Cowboys fire Scott Linehan … atform=amp

I guess we’ll find out next year whether it was Linehan or Dak Prescott holding back the Cowboys’ offense. One thing was for certain: teams knew how to stop Dallas more often than not this year. Of course, all of the injuries on the offensive line didn’t help, nor did the off-season departures of all the pass catchers.

Bob Sturm of The Ticket writes a Cowboy Blog in the Athletic. The numbers he provided in his latest article demonstrate clearly how far the Cowboys have to come:

"The four teams left in the playoffs are the league’s four highest-scoring teams. All four also ranked in the top five of passing offense DVOA. For those unaware, DVOA, Defense-adjusted Value Over Average, is an advanced metric used to measure efficiency considering circumstances. For example, a two-yard run on 3rd-and-1 is vastly different than a two-yard run on 3rd-and-15 and DVOA takes things like that into account. It’s a percentage — 0 is the baseline — and positive and negative percentages are above and below league average, respectively). The Chiefs were overwhelmingly No. 1 at 63 percent, Saints were No. 3 at 34.4 percent, Patriots No. 4 at 32.9 percent and Rams were No. 5 at 32.1 percent. The Chargers (No. 2) were ousted by the Patriots Sunday.

Where were the Cowboys in this category?

You would need to scroll, keep scrolling, keep scrolling — and — stop! There they are, 26th; checking in at -0.9 percent. Dallas was the only team to be negative in this category and make the postseason. The next-worst passing offense among playoff teams belonged to the Chicago Bears, at 7.4 percent."

Sorry for the compressed format of the table below - not sure how to “clean it up” here. But here is a link to the article if you’d like to look at it directly: … e-cowboys/