Not good for Penny Hardaway

No big surprise to me at all!!!

Wiseman got a standing O during intros… so… people are okay with it if it’s their school…

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They have never cared over there. Penny was purchased too back in the day. Our former coaches knew and some of our current reporter’s knew also.

He’s ruled eligible For this game.

I doubt a judge I’m Memphis has the authority to change the rules in order to make a decision that makes any player eligible to play at Memphis or any other school! Maybe Penny has taken this too far! There may end up being more harm come out of this than any of these folks realize. All game Wiseman plays in could and should end up being forfeits when the dust settles but it’s the NCAA and nothing they do makes any sense!

I agree ,Army, one would think that the Tigers just poked the NCAA in the eye with a sharp stick. I get my local news from Memphis and I am out of town, but I would be interested in how they are reacting to this. The town has been on a high with his top -ranked recruiting class and Game Day being there, so wonder how this comes across.

Who knows what the NCAA will do but I’ve read some things that suggest they are tired of getting a black eye from the cheaters of the world.

We shall see.

Saw a tweet from Bilas, who usually takes the school and players side, he is taking the NCAA’s side on this. That should tell everyone something about this.

Because his team didn’t get wiseman

Oh, yes.

I was in the room with Coach Edgar when the call came from Penny that he was going to Memphis.

As mad as I have ever seen him - for good reason.

Agreed. He is always a players guy.

My information is old school, going back 40 years. One of my golf buddies was having lunch with the AD at Memphis, and he said a certain player cost the school $250,000.

We are seriously expected to believe an AD at a major school would just blurt out in public (or among people he obviously could not trust) that his school is commiting major infractions. That would be like, “I killed my wife, burned her body, and put the ashes in a storage unit 234 at Main and 1st but everybody thinks she just runned oft.”
Yep. Sure thang.

So he can practice but not play while he awaits reinstatement. His lawyers had to know that they didn’t have a legal leg to stand on. And I’d say the chances of his reinstatement are a lot less than Vanover’s were of getting the waiver.

This will be interesting to watch play out. Seems to be cut and dried but then again it’s the NCAA.

If it were up to me, I would make them ineligible for NCAA tourney this year.

Tiger High could self-impose in hopes of avoiding more punishment later. The NCAA doesn’t work that fast. Obviously the games he played in will be forfeited, but if they have a good season without him they’ll still probably make the Dance.