Not Going to Get Excited yet - But Impressed

Coach Morris said all the right things

He sounds like exactly what we need


Check!!! He Won the Press Conference - included all the right people - old players, coaches, fans, H/S Coaches and the People of Arkansas - wants to bring fast paced offensive football (YES!!!) He passes my Pirate Test - Arkansas needs a Pirate or Barbarian (Boarbarian) that strikes fear in the civilized play by the ruling conventional football types

Next test:

? Follows through on what he said in conf? All of it!

? Hires Good attacking innovative Def Coach? (A Defense Pirate)

? Shows early result in recruiting?

?Wins more than he loses?

?Beats Big Boys?

Is a pain in the SEC Ass?

That said - I’m encouraged - He won the Press Conference and If he can follow through we may have a new JFB - or a dead program