Not Football, just a piece of Razorback History... got questions

Quite a few years back I bought this old farm house intending to restore it. Did lots of work on it, and sold it. Now for what this post is about…

While cleaning out the old garage I came across an old box of Razorback items. Ash trays, ceramic paper weights, etc. One item that stuck out was an Arkansas Razorback Water Meter cover. It was a cast iron cover with a razorback on the center and a city listed of Wabash Indiana. Below is a picture.

I had completely forgot about it until this last weekend when I was cleaning out some old stuff in my attic. I stumbled on it and decided to do a bit more research. It seems, these meter covers, once manufactured by Ford Meter Co., went out of production in 1976 when the University patented the Razorback image. And so far that’s all I’ve managed to find. Any more information or what it might be valued at would be appreciated.

I got tons of Razorback stuff in my Hog room and this will have its place in there now that I remembered it, I’d just like to know more about it or what it might be worth, are they common, are they rare.




Wow. That is so cool. I don’t have any idea on it. Never seen or heard anything about such a cover. I’ll check on it in a couple of places.

Thank you Clay, anything you find would be greatly appreciated.

Rustoleum makes a spray on rust remover. I’m not sure it will work for something that far gone but I would be working on getting it cleaned up. It’s pretty cool.

I thought about that too when I looked at the picture, but (a) something that old and weathered might be more damaged that “helped” by such a cleaning process; and (b) looks pretty darned good to me in the condition it’s in.

Still…would be very interested to hear the story behind these lids, if Clay or someone else can do some digging and find out.

The rustoleum product is very safe. I used it on a door. I wouldn’t take a wire brush or anything like that to it though. It will last much longer if the rust can be removed safely and then treat it like a cast iron pan. Soaking in white vinegar is another option.

Little Rock Water still have Razorbacks on the covers of their lines. See them often.

THanks for the rust suggestions, but its not necessary… that is just a picture I found online, not the actual picture… mine has no rust on it at all. I just look for online pictures instead of going to the trouble to take a picture then upload it to my computer so I can put it on a forum. Much simpler.

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Request, if it’s not too much trouble; take a shot with your phone and email it to Marty (or Matt). Then they can post it here. I’d love to see it.

My email:

…or Clay…lol

Honestly Clay, when I typed the prior message, I first typed your name then thought Matt might be more facile with a phone, posting pics, etc. so dropped his name instead. If I’d thought about it a few seconds longer, I’d realize that due to the business you are in you’re much more involved in those types of media issues that a lot of people “our age”…


Not a water meter cover, but my step-dad has a manhole cover with a razorback in the center that he set in the middle of his deck. I think it came from Eureka Springs back in the day.

Ford Meter Box Company, 775 Manchester Avenue, Wabasha, Ind. 46992

Telephone: 260-563-3171

Actually have no idea that anyone at the company would be remember making the covers or whomever they were for. Just supplying the company info. if you might wish to call them or write seeking answers to your questions.

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