Not football, but

I have not watched any MLB this year but feel the game is not anywhere near the game as with fans. The number of runs scored I think proves the players are not concentrating like they would in a real game.

You just can’t make this up.

You have an opinion about a sport of which you acknowledge you’ve not watched a single minute. Incredible.

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2020 Runs Per Game Leaders:

  1. Atlanta 5.93
  2. San Diego 5.73

2019 Runs Per Game Leaders:

  1. NYY 5.77
  2. Minnesota 5.73

I had hoped MLB would begin to integrate fans as the season went along, but it doesn’t look like that will happen. I think high schools and colleges are showing that a limited number of fans can be allowed to attend relatively safely.

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I have watched quite a bit. The players are playing hard, but the atmosphere is indeed strange.

I’ve been watching the Cards, Royals (sigh), and the White Sox (McCann and Keuchel). The White Sox are a fun team and could end up being the team that I root for throughout the playoffs.

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Remember that time the Cards were the favorites to sign Luis Robert? That was fun…

I am a fan of MLB and have been my whole life, but baseball without fans is just almost unwatchable. I usually watch a lot of MLB, but this year is just a bust. A 60 game season is a joke.

I can’t imagine watching a World Series game without fans. Next season can’t get here soon enough.

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