Not finding game on SECN+

Can anyone send a link? Maybe I am not looking in the right places.

I don’t think it will be visible until closer to game time.

I get it through ROKU, and they show 2 days ahead. It’s definitely on there for 7 CT
The Hogs v OM soccer is on now. 1-0 Hogs at half

I can’t find it on direct tv or roku, how are u guys watching this?

on espn watch…game is not on Directv, only internet coverage

Watching on SECN+ on ROKU

In those situations, you need to watch on the ESPN app. Look for the SEC Network + games. I can watch on Roku or Firestick in that manner.

Only if you have a cable provider if you just have a internet provider it’s a no go that’s my problem I’m trying to figure out

I don’t have cable, I have Hulu. Since ESPN is part of the Hulu package, I am able to get the ESPN app. But I was answering holdenhogfield, he mentioned having DirecTV, so that would imply that he has satellite access.

If you have a way to get ESPN, that will allow you to use the ESPN app.

Thanks Marty I do iota so that’s my problem what’s Hulu run per month to stream the app