Not finding Ark/SoCal on SECN+................

…I went to the schedule on and clicked on the SECN+ by the game, just like I did yesterday and about four other times this season, but it is not on the list. I can see the replay of yesterday’s game or either of the Dayton games but nothing for today’s game. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

i don’t either!

Nothing on ESPN3 either.

not even a radio boadcast what the heck is going on here!

Can not find it either.

3 up 3 down for USC. live stats

This stinks

I can’t find it, either. Something’s wrong.

Can not even get it on the IMG radio broadcast. What is up?

I’ve got audio through the app but no sec+

I can’t find it either. I’ll bet the Florida Gators can find their team!


Finally showed up, about an inning late.

I click on SECN+ on the schedule at and I get KSU and Baylor. No Ark/SoCal anywhere. Where are you finding it?

It’s showing up on the app now. Watch it.

On espn app now. I had to click on baseball then it showed up on the live now list