Not feeling good

about Stephen Johnson sticking with Arkansas.

Dang! We need him on our defensive line.

He’s a big kid and I would have liked to have seen what we could have done with him but he’s got work to do to be an impact player in this league. We will see how he does.

Disappointed. You said the three key words to me Youda. Big and impact player. Exactly what we are needing at that position.

Hopefully, we hit the portal hard

Just the way this all went down has be concerned… we struggle so much with recruiting this specific position…. This has got to be addressed…… going from 1000% committed, to taking it down because of finals week , to a flip to a division rival…. Yup we need to have a plan to back fill… really no excuses… and I fully understand every detail that has taken place since Dec 1st…. We just can’t not sign DTs! Bad trend that must be corrected!

3 man DL is being used against us in recruiting. Like you say this is got to be changed because the game will always be won and lost up front.


Pittman needs to change his tune on nil or we will be bottom feeders soon

This isn’t an nil decision

What are you hearing , mom or dad decision?

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Proximity and parents probably weighed heavily in his decision, hate it but not surprised.

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Not gonna cry over spilled milk, good luck in Auburn.WPS

That is the risk involved. We chased a player and landed a commit, and then had to sit and worry that a “dream school” popped up with a last-minute offer. It did. If Harsin doesn’t get canned we don’t lose this recruit.

This kid lives less than 2 hours from auburn and wanted to go there. We were option bc wanted in sec. Dream school offered close to momma so he flipped.

What may help keep the Kansas kid he lives like 20 minutes KU campus. Now I have seen other places some say he flips to Kansas and he may, just saying some of these aren’t NIL decisions.

Thanks pike :ok_hand:

Who is the Kansas kid?

Jaden Hamm.

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Ok Thanks