Not expecting

any visitors for Hog BB this weekend.

No surprise with the game being on Friday and many schools playing in tournaments.

I’m visiting Richard!

5* 6-2 270 lb (before Christmas) forward with impressive stats at the concessions stand!

Thanks for the heads up. I just tweeted the breaking news.


it’s sad that we dropped the ball on any elite 2019 recruits I thought we missed out big time by not making Jahmius Ramsey our top target for the 19 class I thought we had a real shot at him if we would have pursued him and Mcbride smh our recruiting is just not where it needs to be to be elite. I like justice hill but he doesn’t seem to be elite to me unless he has a three point shot I’m not aware of. If Daniel doesn’t return for his junior year we lose out big and we have no talent on radar close to him that is a good replacement. We lose shot blocking and rebounding, and that’s big considering our depth at the big position.

We haven’t complemented our most strong points in recruiting and part of that I believe is because Arkansas coaches do it the right way. So with that I think I can live with the results in recruiting and I better because truthfully the little that a righteous man have is better than the great revenues of the wicked… It will turn around we just can’t defer hope!

In the current landscape of recruiting I totally understand why CMA has problems landing some of the elite talent. The shame of it all is even with everyone knowing what’s going on nothing is likely to change.

The sad truth… Imagine how good this team would be if Reggie Perry would have stayed committed to what he described at the time his dream school

They paid plenty of attention to Ramsey early. He just wasn’t interested enough and signed with Texas Tech.

He also wasn’t interested enough in Florida, Oklahoma, Memphis, Indiana and Louisville among others

He wanted to stay in Texas and did.

You can’t spend all your time chasing a kid that doesn’t want to be chased.

McBride’s story is simple. UALR and Arkansas State were after him and then he blew up in July and Kansas, Arkansas and others decided he was good enough.

Arkansas would have offered him if he had been an 18 guy as they had a ton of scholarships and needed to add guards.

They had one scholarship for a guard in 2019.

They are on several junior college guys and one would expect Reggie Chaney to make a big leap as well.

You are right that none have the NBA profile that Daniel does now.

7.3 point and 5.3 rebounds per game so far for Mississippi State.

Reggie Chaney is averaging 5.8 points and 4.5 rebounds.

My guess is they would have signed both if they could, but that was taken out of their hands by the Perrys and others and there was nothing they could do about it.

Chaney should be a pretty good replacement for Gafford next year except for points.

Stats per 40 minutes played for Daniel and Reggie:

Gafford / RPG - 13.1 / BPG - 3.3
Chaney / RPG - 10.9 / BPG - 4.4

When you factor in Chaney’s improvement for next year, he’s going to be a pretty good replacement except for points. He’s actually blocking more shots per 40 minutes than Daniel, and with improvement, he’s close in rebounding, just 2.2 behind as a freshman. Joe, Jones, Harris, and Desi just need to add a point or 2 each to cover the points from losing Daniel.

I believe Reggie is showing the potential to become a very good SEC PF/undersized C. I was surprised how quick off the floor Chaney is when blocking shots. What next year’s team really needs is a 6’8" - 6’9" JC PF/C the caliber of Mason Jones.

Thanks Dudley I was under the impression that we didn’t want Ramsey cause some sites showed we offered him and others showed we didn’t…I didn’t know it was the other way around

And thank for the Chaney and Perry comparison as well…However I still think we need a stretch four who can shoot the three and that’s the advantage I give Perry at this point

And Do you really think we can land sufficient talent at the 4 or 5 spot this late to make us a better team next year…I thought missing out on Will Baker was huge as well though he was always considered a long shot