Not expecting

football to have an official visitor or visitors this weekend.

Don’t expect any major prospects for hoops either.

Kinda strange, because we desperately wanted the end of LR games to give those weekends back to Fayetteville for recruiting purposes. So we waste a weekend. Perhaps I have a little of that Covid QB brain fog, because I don’t understand

Easiest answer - the kickoff is too early to get players to Fayetteville Saturday morning. HS playoffs kicking off around the country, meaning about 40% of players (and a higher percentage of recruits, I’m betting) are playing the night before.

Hoops can only have official visitors if they haven’t visited this academic year. I think our prospects to sign in December have all visited officially. And, they are in-season, anyway - lots of pre-season scrimmages and “festivals” going on in NE OK last weekend and this weekend, waiting out the end of football season to pick up those players, and what not.

For recruiting in Pittsburg maybe but not for Oklahoma, North Texas, Missouri Kandas, and Arkansas it means you don;t the morning but you have Saturday afternoon and evening.

When you have one maybe two spots, you’re selective. Plus the Ole Miss game gives you a night game and more options to get a kid in on Saturday if they can’t come Friday.

I sit near the football families and therefore right in front of where the football recruits are on the field at RRS. If I get there at 1:30 for a 2:30 (2:36) kickoff, they are all there. The recruits are inside doing meet/greet and getting signed in. I don’t know where they park, and how that is managed by the program. I would think that this means families (at the latest) are hitting campus BY 2 hours from kickoff. That is 9am for an 11am kickoff. Four hours, minimum, from TX.

A 5am departure from from Allen, TX, for example, might not get you there by 9am. The player plays a home playoff game that ends at 10pm, but its 11pm before they are even thinking about getting home. Yeah, I don’t see that being a popular/common thing.

I was not clear. North Texas should be clarified as Northeast Texas. It is a stretch but maybe are some three stars might seize the opportunity.

Redpig, to your credit - several visitors from NE Texas/Metroplex this weekend. And, to be clear - that is also a credit to the staff for working the players to get them here.

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