Not expecting

2020 forward Che Evans Jr. to visit this weekend.

What happened RD?

Still expect him to visit.

As of now, not expecting a hoop kid to visit this weekend.


Lol whats up my man?

Is this one of those…“of course things are always fluid and can quickly change” situations RD? Now we have someone coming in to visit?

RD has something up his sleeve. Starting to believe he has Muss on speed dial with all the stuff he knows. I’ve been keeping up other places and this dude is way ahead of the game.

Agreed Lynnsanity!

That’s because RD stands for Really Dialed-In haha!!!

Haha I like it.

The post actually wasn’t about Evans.

Have a feeling Blackshear visits this weekend and that’s the reason Che had “personal reasons”. All attention on Blackshear. It’s happening, RD! Haha.

Evans is a 2020 guy and Blackshear recruiting should have no impact on Evans recruiting. If Blackshear comes, he will be gone before 2020.

I know Evans is 2020. But you wouldn’t bring in two studs to visit at the same time. I mean you could, but that doesn’t seem ideal. Nonetheless I was halfway kidding.

Yep. A visit from KB would be so huge it would overshadow anyone else that could also potentially be on campus.

So it’s about a super secret prospect that is visiting this weekend instead? Maybe the guy is about 6’10…a little bit older than a normal recruit? :smiley: :smiley:

You’ll like.

What time do you think we hear something, RD? We need some good news today after football news.

Me likey for sure RD!