Not expecting

Justin Turner to land in Fayetteville.

Just saw he cut his list. Boooo. You think Gomez is the top target? Maybe Terrell Brown?

No one knew about Vance Jackson. Could there another out there?

Jalen Harris…the Nevada version…

The latest is that Liam Robbins a 7’0" center from Drake just entered the Transfer Portal. He can post up down low and also shoot facing the basket.

Sorry, but I missed it. Who did Turner cut his list down to?

Missouri, Marquette, Iowa State

Thanks! I still like Jalen Tate a lot! He’s supposed to be one of the best defensive guards in the country and he only wants to play point guard. And, yes I love the way that Terrell Gomez shoots the 3.

I think it is going to be tough to land a good guard. Cupboard is full.

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