Not counting the TD by KJ

for A&M. (an assist)

Why was KJ running and standing up to be tackled?
Was KJ hurting? For whatever reason he didn’t try to mow anybody over? (at times)

BTW I think we beat the Tide coming in Sat. KJ tries to save the season, and not all by himself but just a gutsy performance. Like it or not but Saturday’s game is big.

Bama by 30, I suspect. They will call their shots against our defense.

Would you please explain in detail how you realistically see Alabama losing to Arkansas next Saturday?
Which areas do we have an advantage in personnel, depth and coaching?
Very easy to spew something you would like to see happen, but reality is coming Fayetteville on Saturday!

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Man did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

OK as a fan I’ll just start knowing the Hawgs will lose. NO chance to beat Alabama, M State, and BYU.

Are you a coach? I’d like to see our stats and match all those up. Then I might spend the time to answer you negative Nancy thoughts and spewing…

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AND BTW the average fan can Not answer that question. I think I’m a tad above the average fan. Having played HS, FB and BB, and Baseball…

So HI people the requirements to goin HI require advanced FB Knowledge!!

I’m spewing Hope! Love being throne on our helpless Razorbacks. SORRY man but I guess I could move on to BB.

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Well, Mr. dfarris, while I would prefer to ignore the common thread from the poster to whom you were referring, I will leave any reply in the vein that you seek (coaching, personnel, etc.) to his knowledgeable reply which I am sure is surely forthcoming. However, after watching how “flat” the whole team became for the two quarters after the fumble and wondering how they will react after the unusual gut-wrenching missed kick at the end of the game, I do have a concern about this game. Certainly, I believe that we have the personnel, etc. to beat Bama this year if our attitude starting this morning is to put the aberrant plays of the former game behind us and work (and play) together with determination and effort to in fact show them who is the better team. If so, we win. If not, we could lose by 30.

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Thanks sir. Better stated than I could have stated…

Are we in the “ACE” formation, Blitz, audible more, bull rush, can we use Man coverage, use a Nickel defense??

O well no chance…

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I’ll be honest 339, I liked our chances to beat Bama yesterday at 0900 more than our chances to beat them last night at 2100.

Do I think we could beat them? Yes, it seems like everyone is down this year, that’s why I was so disappointed with yesterdays loss. There aren’t many times that we are obviously that much better than aTm. Yesterday was one of those days and we somehow lost.

Because of that, I have to see how our kids respond, but if watching the the last 1:30 and the post game presser is any indication, we might be in trouble before kickoff.

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IF we can eliminate our mistakes we could be a Very good team, don’t ya think??

It looked to me like KJ was trying to be smart about the hits he was taking.


Agreed. (maybe even coached?)

“IF” we could eliminate mistakes we could be a very good team.
Wow! Your “Tad above average” sporting knowledge is quite impressive.
You say you believe we have the personnel to beat Bama, but I have yet to see you identify those areas where we have a clear advantage.
The reason you haven’t is because that area doesn’t exist.
Look, we are all Hogs fans and live and die with them every year, but reality is reality and it’s coming to Fayetteville on Saturday.

I hear you dfarris…however “reality” went to austin a few weeks ago and nearly (should have?) got their collective rears handed to them, from a team that ttech spanked last nite. Bama of course is good enough to beat the hogs by 20 at RRS, but the hogs were good enough last nite to beat the ags by that amount. Only we didnt. Reality showed up, but left after kj,s thing. Its not likely we win, but we could. And I like yourself no doubt am praying reality misses the plane ride from tuscaville.

Well aTm beat Bama last year after we beat aTm. Plus we hung right with Bama also.
So why not us this year.

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Our Oline and WR’s are better than Bama’s. RB’s are to close to call.


OH told the fans we were going 10-0 way back when.

I always think we have a chance. Otherwise why watch??. It was one heck of a ball game last year. That’s why I’m pretty sure Nicke will have them focused.

I agree about the OL and RB’s,they have the edge at WR and QB,the major difference is in the DL and Secondary where they are better and they have more depth than we do but anything is possible,they don’t play as well on the road so hopefully our guys can put this game behind us and shock the world Sat.

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I doubt there are much differences in quality of coaches in any SEC program. (Obviously Chad Morris proved there can be some bad ones.) Most differences are in players. Bama has more top players than anyone except maybe Georgia. Bama should win. If they play their best game, they should win handily. But they might not play their best game. And there is such a thing as luck. Luck can be the difference between two reasonably equal teams. We’re not as good as Bama, but the differences aren’t insurmountable


I haven’t watched any Bama games but it’s hard for me to imagine our first and second down runs up the middle to be successful against them. And I doubt they will feel a need to stack the box. And most certainly our trick plays will not have time to develop