Not calling

Josh Donovan a commitment just yet. Could in the future but not right now.

Saturday Down South put it out he has committed to the hogs. I hope you know for sure soon.

Good to know. I saw elsewhere that he is committed. Chose Arkansas over Devry University and the University of Phoenix.

I do know. Not counting him as a commitment for now.

Underwhelmed again with the OL recruiting.

The OL crootin will pick up at some point!

I believe this is a case of wanting to make sure he will be a December graduate and able to go through spring practices with us more than it is a question on ability. If our coaches get that assurance, I believe they will accept his commitment.

Probably just a miscommunication on that item that led to the kid going ahead and announcing on twitter earlier this evening.

Here is my two cents There are several ahead of Donovan in the pecking order. Namely C Nwanna, M Cunningham and J Cooper.

When recruits are remove from the OV list and change to UOV list, this isn’t a good sign for the recruit as for how much he is wanted.

Can’t get much worse when we are competing against the likes of incarnate word.

I don’t understand his recruitment at all this kid has very good feet for his size he is 311 lbs now…I would take him in a heartbeat,I have put 17 OL in college and this kid has a chance to be good… … 20e4da95f0


Prior to his visit, Josh indicated he could jump on board after the visit. I did some checking and heard he would likely have to do a few things before it happened.

Hope it happens for him because he obviously really likes Arkansas.

Youdaman how many current OL do we currently have that you think he can beat for a spot?

Apparently we are the only P5 team that thinks he’s capable of playing at this level.

Good enough to play college ball? I’m sure.

Good enough to play in the SEC? I’m certainly not convinced, I mean we beat out incarnate word for him.

Like I’ve said before I also don’t believe every guy we offer with no fbs offers/P5 is a diamond in the roughs.

Coach Fry has had a very unimpressive year on the recruiting trail, he’s got to pick it up in the future or this staff will never get this OL fixed.

And not all the OL recruits with the big P5 offers work out. We know all about those as well lately.
We can only trust the Coaches because they don’t recruit to impress/convince people on message boards who haven’t seen all the film on the kids, watched them play live, talked to their coaches, met them1st hand, etc.
My take on it is wait and see the product on the field before being convinced/impressed or not.

I agree they also don’t always workout.

But they workout much more often than the others.

Offer list is always the most telling to me personally.

I hope they all work out. But they don’t, and you end up in situations like this. I think the reason some of our pat guys didn’t work out had a lot to do with the fact that we hired an absolutely awful OL coach who had no business getting the job, seeing he was a glorified go boy for an nfl team. I think that significantly hurt some of our better recruits.

I hope Fry coaches them up, I personally think our OL has improved under him even with less to work with, so he’s got the coaching side of things. It’s just his recruiting that’s bad. We don’t have a single OL in the top 800 of the country. That’s not a winning recipe, whether you believe all are diamonds in the rough or not. (They aren’t you’d have to be naive or an Arkansas fan to believe that)

yeah and Howie long went to freaking Villanova and Edelman who has tore up the NFL for yrs had one offer to KENT STATE Im just telling you the kid has great potential he sure as heck can’t be any worse than 4* Wallace who is not good at all! this kid carries his weight very well and wouldn’t surprise if he plays,you can’t teach size and agility.I coach the OL for a living and I would take him in a heartbeat b/c he will come in with a chip on his shoulder.
I am very concerned about OL recruitng too but something about him tells me he is going to be OK .Tim Anderson is a very good OL if we can get him and I love LIMMER! and winkel from last yr is very good.Capps will be better than Gipson and the others will get stronger.

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You provide detailed reasons why you like this player. Your reasons are based on coaching/technique.

I commented to someone early in the year that the left side of the line (we still had Froholdt at center) was no worse than the right side of the line. The left side had two freshmen and the right side had Gibson and Wallace. The comment fell on deaf ears, as I got the “Wallace was a 4-star…blah blah blah.”

That is great right up until the player steps foot in the huddle. Then, it is all about “how well can you block?”

Fans critical of offer sheets who are unable to dissect film need to allow those (Youdaman, not necessarily Oklahawg!) who actually know the game to inform the rest of us. When I learn from an expert I am a better fan, I think. And, I know the game better.

Thanks for your input on this recruit.

I’m not going to pretend like I know OL better than anyone here. Not my area.

What I do know is that no P5 coaches think he’s good enough besides us. And I believe only 1 other FBS school.

That’s troubling I don’t care what who Sees, 126 other OL coaches at the highest level don’t see it, and we aren’t the only school that needs OL.

Regardless, whether we think stars matter or not, there’s one thing that’s true, they absolutely matter. Need proof, look at the top ten in the AP poll. What do they have in common, (outside of the best G5 school UCF which if they belong in top 10 is debatable considering their schedule), they all recruit at an extremely, extremely high level. It matters.

We have to improve the OL recruiting, plain and simple. It’s bad.

The OL/DB are the hardest positions to critique and there are no gurantees how they will play.I would love to have all 4-5* guys too but we have had several pretty highly thought of OL come in here and really not play well at all.I always say give me a guy who has good feet and you can teach him the rest,get him strong in the weight room and you got a can’t teach agility,something you have or you don’t.Iam just saying he has potential b/c he moves well…we will see