Auburn took us to the woodshed as if we were a guarantee game. . I was embarrassed.

Missouri was a bad team and they rolled us in the second half. .Even more embarrassed.

VA Tech also kicked our butt in the second half. I’m thru, period end of story.

College athletics is big business. In corporate America, if you make 5M per year, there is no honeymoon. I am not disenchanted, I am finished. Lets t’s see how the season tickets sell next year?

We are a national embarrassment!..Biggest comeback since World War II !!!

Jeff Long can raise the prices all he wants to and build 15 more stadiums, I no longer care.

I flew the company flag and have been patient, show me the improvement??

We could have easily lost to TCU and La Tech.

We obviouslY do not have the ability to adapt during the game. WE NEED TO RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT AND WE NEED TO FIND COACHES WHO CAN TEACH THE GAME.



I am just curious, did Mike get dunked on three times when Florida had the ball underneath their own basket? FYI, Exactly Three. Embarrassed AGAIN

Well, on to baseball, hopefully DVH can put a competitive product on the field. I would hate to cancel my season ticket renewal for three sports in one year.

I wonder how many other fans feel the same way??

I feel the same way. Preach on, brother.

I have been a Razorbacks fan since 1965. After the Virginia Tech embarassment i am so frustrated now that I don,t even want to wear any of my Arkansas gear. I agree with you comment 100%.

As far as I’m concerned, the glass is half full, but most of the liquid is in the basketball compartment of the glass. No, we are not quite where I thought we would be at this point in Mike’s tenure. However, I see a lot of help on the way. There are things I like about CBB, but what we saw this year has been going on since the first year. A team that routinely finds creative ways to lose. A team that can handle neither adversity nor prosperity. A coaching staff that prepares the team well and usually opens strong but is unable to adjust to the adjustment. I’m in for one more year, but only because my personal belief is that you need to give any football coach five years to fairly evaluate his performance. I can’t imagine the man surviving another year like this. I’d say the odds are slightly less than 50/50 that we will win more than 7 regular season games next year.

That can be a good thing (not necessarily for recruiting) but if the fanbase as a whole no longer sets SEC West Champ expectations then maybe the player’s will stop feeling like they have individual fanbases and checking Twitter to find who loved what they did last Saturday concentrate more on self discipline & improvement.

A we against the world attitude may be just what the doctor ordered.

Totally agree. We don’t have the players and our recruiting is mediocre at best. Coaching has shown NO ability to adapt or develop. Brutal road schedule next year. Will be doing good to win 6. I guarantee you the fanbase of programs we are trying to compete with would not be as patient as the Hog fans. I too have no desire to wear any of my gear anymore. I live out of state and get tired of hearing how we gave another away.