Not Buying It

I’m going to apologize upfront about this, but I am not buying the whole “aw shucks” routine by Chad Morris. I am 46, and been watching the Hogs since I was 5. This is the worst coaching hire in our history. The whole act he keeps putting on, the walking and talking resume he keeps telling everyone, I am just not buying it. It’s like he’s selling himself all the time to the fanbase, like we’re a recruit. That shows a lack of confidence, and certainly a TOTAL lack of experience. It’s a bad hire that was forced by Jerry Jones and Terry Don Phillips.

I don’t care how long he was a HS coach in Texas, and who he knows there. He’s not one anymore. I don’t care that he was at Clemson, and who he recruited. He is not there, and hasn’t been. You found the unicorn with Watson. So what??? He’s told anyone who will listen this story. But what he wont tell is that he’s got a losing record as a head coach in college, that he got 70 hung on his SMU team by NAVY, and that he’s NEVER had to recruit an SEC caliber player. And he still hasn’t. He got players who wanted to come here already, and committed long ago. Then he got AAC/Sun Belt players that he recruited when he was at SMU. Period.

He is way over his head with this job. He’s not at SMU anymore. It means ZERO! You are in the SEC West. You have to coach against 2 national championship winning coaches in our division, coaches that have been in championship games at the highest level, multiple major coordinators who are amazing, and against the best players in the whole country. It’s the top of the top.

The recruiting job has been awful. BB had his faults, but he’s gone now. He wanted to do what Bama does, but he couldn’t get the players. We have one 4 star player. I don’t want to hear about fit, and place, system, and sleeping giant. Last in the SEC is last i the SEC. Unless he’s hiring Venables from Clemson, it’s a failure on defense. Chavis is an old man who isn’t up to the job. This job isn’t SMU, and it isn’t high school. But his staff is SMU and High School. He just looks like another recruiter who isn’t a coach, and a coordinator that isn’t a good head coach.

We’ve never been last in the SEC until he got here. But we better get used to it. We are going to be bottom of the league for 3-5 years. Again! Trying to get Petrino or HDN back doesn’t look so bad now. I won’t be paying one more dime for those East Indoor Club tickets while this clown is our coach.

I know that many of you don’t feel this way, and that’s fine. This is my opinion and observation.

Merry Xmas.

Good riddance

Entitled to your opinions you are.

But wrong you also are.

A coach who hasn’t coached a game yet at the school is obviously going to try and sell himself not only to fans and recruits. I mean really? What do you expect him to say?
I love the confidence.

And he certainly has the resume that is deserving of a job.

People just like to bitch about everything. We just had a coach with 3 conference championships and he showed us how horrible of a coach he actually is in year 5z

Morris is going to get his chance and deserves some respect until he shows why he can do, at the very least.

To say he is the worst coaching hire is utterly ridiculous.
He hasn’t coached a game yet.

Crowe and Bielema are the worst.
At the timeBielema looked like the best, and guess what…he’s jobless!

Give him a chance.

Also look into Morris and don’t come into a post ignorant about the man, he’s a good coach, and many people who do know what they are talking about will say so. That doesn’t mean he will win here, but I surethink he’s going to have a good chance to.

And lastnin the SEC? I’m assuming you are talking about recruiting.

And if so then do you not realize the class is only half full?

Did you expect him to come in and sign 4 and 5 stars in 9 days?? That’s ridiculous.

Give him time let him fill the class, which wasn’t going to be highly rated any way.

Learn how recruiting rankings work also, you clearly don’t understand.

Next year would be a more accurate judge on his recruiting ability not this year.

Merry CHRISTMAS to you too, Elmo and welcome to the board.

Go Away

Everyone is entitled to thier opinion. The only thing in your rant that really bothers me is you disrespecting Christmas.

Look. I didn’t say anything about him as a person. I am just going off his record as a college coach. High School don’t mean crap. Bielema was a decent coach. He just couldn’t enough of the players to do what he wanted in the SEC. If he could have, he’d still be there.

All I have stated were facts about this guy.
He has a losing record as a college coach. Fact.
He’s never had to be in an SEC environment. Fact.
There were better coaches out there. Fact.
Having to sell yourself daily to fans is not good. Fact.
Zero SEC or Power 5 experience as a coach. Fact.

Just because I don’t like the hire doesn’t mean I want the Hogs to fail. But he better produce or he will be gone in 2 years.

I glad u r not buying it just GO AWAY. We don’t need u and the HOGS don"t need or Want U.

You joined this board today and your 2nd post is a long rant bashing our new coach.

Who does that? What up with that?

Did you get mad because somebody else didn’t get the job? Maybe one of your relatives?

THIS is part of the willful stupidity that I am talking about…

Bob Swagger,
No I am not mad about a relative not getting the job. I am just displeased about our coaching hire. We deserve better. There were better candidates out there. This hire was forced by Jerry Jones and Terry Don Philipps.

I just think that we could have done better, and this guy seems like an amateur to me. I waited for the early signing period to start, and it’s apparent that he won’t be up to the task. All the selling to fans and media doesn’t wash with me.

I do not think Morris will be able to recruit or coach and game plan with the SEC coaches and players he will face. I tried to get on board with him and feel we really missed with this guy based on his record.

I’d like to hear you explain yourself. What stupidity? Did I say anything personal about you? Or Morris? I just stated facts and didn’t say anything about him as a person. Just feel with his record and experience he was a bad hire.

Stop attacking me.

I have the right to voice my feelings. Geez…

Good Lord. Was he my first choice? No. But every coach on the list (all those discussed here) had issues and question marks. Can we see what he does?

Again, every coach that was discussed had issues. There was no “sure thing” hire.

First off, this is a corporate board, you have ZERO expectations of any “rights” that you think that you might have… Do you understand this? Want me to type slower? :lol:

You stated opinion, not fact… But you want to discount Our Coach because of his record at a program that has been “dead” for a few decades and was devoid of wins forever but CCM gets them to a bowl within three years yet you see this as a negative? Lemme guess, you see his time as the architect of Clemson’s National Championship Offensive as fault as well? You simply haven’t done your research yet you want to rail against those that have, give me a break.

Also, please understand that I strongly disagree with you and your ignorance filled rant. Feel attacked? Stop. Buck up buttercup.I posted nothing that is against the rules. But you sure did post a wall of garbage without doing your due diligence.

Just because you FEEL “ATTACKED” it doesn’t mean that it’s so “elmo”.

Didn’t recruit worth a crap all 13 days he was here? Dude quit drinking so early and get off the ledge. The only clown part of any of this is your post, guess that’s why you only have 4. Relax a little, let things take place, enjoy the BB Hogs for the winter and let it all play out

Jack Crowe. He had to be the worst hire. He had a losing record in both years as a head coach at Livingston College, 2-8 and 3-7. He spent lots of stints as OC including at Clemson before he came to the UofA as our OC.

You’re 46…I’m 64…What the heck has that got to do with anything???

Ok Fire wallet.

Go fuck yourself. In love with a coach that has no business getting the job as a HC at an SEC west school. You don’t know shit. Taking personally a rant that I post based on facts. Tell me one thing I put on it that wasn’t a fact. The guy was at SMU. Had a losing record. His team got 51 put on them in their bowl game in front of a home crowd by La Tech. None of that is an opinion.

If you dont like what I put on here, thats cool. But go fuck yourself. The guy is a bad hire. Period. My feeling is that we are going to be embarrassed by this Hugh Freeze wanna be. But the difference is that he’s nowhere near as good.

In case you didn’t see it earlier, go fuck yourself. Ass wipe.