Not as bad as I expected

Not good mind you, but not Ole Miss bad. That could still happen next week against an angry Aubrun team. Glad Cole got big time experience and had enough positive plays to keep him from being demoralized. Jordan Jones is coming on. O-Line still awful. We could still win 5 or 6 if those guys step up.

Maybe 6-6.

I agree but I think Bama eased off a bit. They could win or lose the rest of their SEC games. I thought defense showed some heart and fight. Offense was less than desired

I agree. It was lopsided, but nowhere near as bad as the Aub loss last year, and not as bad as Bama has beaten several teams this year. There are still 5 winnable games. If we can win 4 of them, I’ll be thrilled. I don’t expect to win 4, but it’s doable.

After the first 7 minutes I thought the team showed some fight.
Whether we win or get beat in a hog fan! This year is ranked by a poor start. The young hogs will be better next year and whatever happens the rest of this year we need to have improvement by the Oline and defense.
My thought on the record is 5-7


Nick called off the dogs

And TCU is unbeaten and occupies a Top 10 ranking. We ain’t that bad.

did things exactly as he did against Ole Miss and Vanderbilt to the combined tune of 125-3.

It’s ridiculous to claim some moral victory out of losing “just” 41-9, but there is also no reason to try to make the loss any worse than it already is.

While there have been some bad losses, that doesn’t look as bad as it did back in the day, huh?

Remember all the folks talking about how bad TCU was after that game.

Gary Patterson. Heck of a coach.