Not announced yet, but Tim Horton appears to have a job

I think Tim Horton has landed at Vanderbilt. The Commodores have an open running back job. I was told that he began work there this week. It has not been announced yet. Probably paper work. But this was the word at the Ronnie Roach Coaching Clinic at Hot Springs this past weekend.

As a fan of Tim’s, Vandy seems to fit him and his family so much better than the dirtiness of Auburn’s athletic department.

Great town, great university, very nice fit.

Thx for the update!


I have confirmed that Tim is at Vandy. Expect announcement soon.

Tim worked at Air Force. Vandy is different than Air Force but both are different than Auburn. And I don’t have to go into details.

vandy rb coach, good for him.

Derek Mason and Vandy have added really good coach. Horton will make some improvements for Vandy.

good for Tim! I’m glad he is out of the Gus mess at Auburn. It may be awhile but the Gus bus will eventually sink at Auburn. What Gus did to Tim was down right dirty!

What was dirty about it?

Glad to see Tim coaching in Nashville. My daughter lives there and it’s a terrific city and Vandy is a great school.

Also good to see him get away from Auburn. He’s better off. For so many reasons.