Not an NCAA team

Not even close

Will we ever work the ball inside? Too much settle for 3’s

Moses needs touches

Frustrating to watch , hope we jell soon

Manny looks good at point

We shot 13 3s. Not a large number. But, whatever.

Overreact much?

SFA is going to wind up being a pretty good team, but right now they don’t take care of the ball, which plays into our hands. It will probably look better on our RPI in March than it does now.

Not a whole lot of threes shot in this game by either team. Neither team was hitting them, which helps keep the 3 count down. Dusty has now gone two games without making one, which has to change eventually.

It’s the thing. Gotta whine. It’s a must.

Just won by 16 points against a team that’s been in the NCAA tournament the last 3 years in a row.

Yeah, they think negativity is required around here.

Ugly game to watch. Arkansas is still groping for groups of players who work well together. Only 13 turnovers, but the ones that happened were often mystifying - pass to nowhere, or very lazy pass easily intercepted. Over-passing is still a problem, players passing up shots they should be taking. They are still working out the pecking order of the offense. Somebody has to decide he’s the primary option.

I was not aware that selection Sunday is only two days away. Crossing my fingers and hoping that the wins over Ft. Wayne and UTA will be enough to get us in.

I loved the game.

Hogs won by a bunch.

Lots of players scored 8+ points.

Adrio Bailey had a cool dunk after a great feed.

CJ Jones hit two threes.

More than one steal from playing the passing lanes.

Hannahs drove for lots of points in the lane and was fouled on some of them.

Moses had an awesome play for an “and one” opportunity when he attacked the basket on the break.

All things considered, lots of things to enjoy. A lot more fun than lots of other things I could have been doing.

The people on here that are whining don’t have a clue about college basketball. UTA and SFA are solid programs that are and will beat many Power 5 conference teams.