Not an excuse, but injuries this season, wow

I do tend to believe we will see a coaching change.

But I’m not sure I can ever remember a season of injuries quite like this season.

Beginning with Rawleigh and Jared to both offensive captains, etc.

Again, not an excuse for coach as all five years must be evaluated of course.

But I am not sure I have ever seen as many injuries in a season.

They’re making a bad season worse. I don’t think they made much difference up until now, but they’ve got to be having an effect now. (BTW, I don’t think CBB should be judged on his first 2 years, but he should on the last 3.) If all these injuries had been earlier, I’d say they meant a lot, but not this late. It’s highly unlikely we win another game. Both QB’s are banged up. The O-line, never good, is now more depleted.

I just hope that Long doesn’t use that as an excuse to keep Brett.

A change will be made, all signs point to it happening after the Mizzou game. Injuries are part of game but this season’s record is a continuation of the breakdown at end of last year and the games are not competitive when you look at margin of losses, lack of adjustments, and fans dissatisfaction.

Coach B is a nice guy but this is the SEC and it is what we do. Lot’s good guys will be looking for work in Dec.

I have never, ever, ever understood how injuries are viewed as “excuses.” Our society has become so unbelievably results oriented…no one is interested in the context. When my wife and I had 3 deaths in our family within 2 years and a cancer diagnosis, (both mothers, a brother and my wife’s cancer which is now gone) our job performances predictably suffered. Some people were sympathetic. Others not so much. I was so disenchanted. I vowed then to always take context into consideration with other people…especially students and people that work under me.

Injuries are part of football. That is a fact. But its also a fact that I cannot remember any Arkansas football team having a good season if:

We lost our top 2 RBs (Hammonds is a talent, but so was Chase…and he was ahead of TJ for a reason)
Lost our top WR
Lost our top cover corner
Lost our top OLineman
Lost our top QB for 4 games (and he wasn’t healthy today. Thing was Cole wasn’t either)
Lost our best TE (CJ was missed today)
May have lost our 2nd best o-lineman

I have wracked my brain…and I have followed the Hogs closely since 1968 (when I was 5), and I can’t recall this many injuries…at least not in a season where we succeeded. I do remember a few seasons with a rash of injuries…and guess what happened? Bad seasons. I didn’t even mention Enos losing his Dad. You think that hasn’t affected him?

Whether that keep Bret or not…injuries ARE a reason for a slumping season. One could argue there was no good reason to lose the last two LAST year. But this year? Its been a rash of injuries. No coach can control injuries. MAYBE Bama could still thrive with that many injuries. Not sure many other programs could.

We have young talent. Either Bret or someone else is going to benefit next year and beyond.

The issues w/this narrative is that the team was performing bad before all of the injuries happened. W/the exception of Williams, we were healthy in the beginning. No game result would have been different.

The issue w/this team 1) scheme, 2) lack of defensive speed, 3) lack of talent, 4) poor 2nd half performances

Pulley went out early, that has been big. Curl has potential, but it has been a learning experience. It also hurt to be without Corneilus early, especially while the younger receivers were growing up. All this said, you seemed to over simply the injury situation’s impact on this team. No excuse, but more than you say.

What scheme are you talking about? Whether offensive or defensive, I cannot argue with the issue being poor execution, but I don’t see our poor blocking, poor coverage or missed tackles being better in one scheme over another.

  1. Scheme, you’re correct. Execution is the word. But, the 3-4 has not worked… Clay discussed the lack of upfield movement by our D linemen… that’s scheme.

  2. I’m not oversimplying injuries. I’m saying we were bad before several of those mentioned were injured.

OK, you said with exception of Williams, but as I remember Pulley went out in Florida A&M game and JRed was out at beginning it season and came back for a short while before reinjuring himself. They are not the reasons, but both were key losses, so I see this differently than you. Not sure our defense got upfield that well last year with the 4/3, so this is why I don’t have a issue with scheme.